Suddenly, Beauty

The morning is mist and I try to hold it but it slips through my fingers again. I am thinking about manna, about the Bread of Life, and how do you breathe when it’s time to say goodbye? I take it to the sidewalk. I don’t think about the blue of the sky or the way the sun plays on water or the noise of traffic in my ears. My feet are pounding that rhythm that my body knows and I wait for the breath to even; I wait for the muscles to warm.  I am lost in my head—immune to that busy hum of life that breathes around me.
And suddenly there’s beauty. 
And this is Autumn: reams and reams of gold spun on green and I am rich as I gather with my eyes. It’s right there, between two lots of the ordinary. Between houses and a trophy shop…behind a photographer’s studio.  If I look close enough, I can see there used to be something else there. A house?  A barn? Are these memories of the time when this land thrummed with the riches of farm and pasture? These remnants of decay—long-forgotten—blink at me now through a pollen haze. I wonder what it was and how it must have filled this space. 
And when did beauty fill the gap?
I wonder at how the passing of time can cover so many things. How long does it take for emptiness to fill? And how does beauty move in so silently, so quiet-like and with such grace? It’s the way the world turns—that slow spin from one season to the next. The whole earth a grace story.
Let your empty be filled today. Open your arms wide for grace. Let beauty enter in. The seeds are preparing for the long sleep…waiting for light to grow. 
With Emily…

And Bonnie…



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    I’ve been caught on this for quite a few months….opening my spirit to Him, to embrace, be embraced, to receive whatever measure He pours out. So thankful the empty does not stay long…so grateful for His Spirit that fills and expands. Blessings sweet Laura, may your abiding be sweet with our Lord!

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    Let me empty be filled today. Those words hit me right where I am at today.

    I think that is part of my problem. Sometimes I don’t open my arms wide for grace. Sometimes I get stuck in just hanging in empty-mode.

    Beautiful as always, Laura.

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    Visiting from the Faith Jam today. You have a beautiful blog, and you spoke beautiful words to my heart today. Yes Lord, I want to be emptied, laid bare before You. Come and fill me!

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    Ugh. So gut-wrenching to say “see you later.” Thank You, Jesus, everytime–through the power of Your blood–it’s not good-bye.

    Keep your eyes wide open, looking for Him in the hardest of circumstances and situations. I don’t know Sara, but I’ve read enough to know she’d be proud of you for walking and talking and writing it out with your…her!…Father.

    May God continue to bless and keep. He will; I know. He is so faithful.

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    Very poetic and moving. I like the times when I am just surprsied by God…Like you put it, “suddenly”.

    This passage from Numbers 12:4

    And suddenly the Lord said to Moses and to Aaron and Miriam, “Come out, you three, to the tent of meeting.” And the three of them came out

    When God says something suddenly, you better move!

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    Perfectly beautiful Laura. I am longing to slow and to find the beauty. My heart feels so bereft when I am so busy I cannot take the time to see. This ministers.

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    I am opening my arms for grace. How poetic your words are! I loved your description of the beauty around you and the changing season.

    I came over from Bonnie’s blog today and am so glad I did.

    Blessings and love,

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    And when did beauty fill the gap?

    you are beauty, friend. your words here… they soothe me. how you gather up light and then share it with all of us… thank you. i so hope to meet you one day. xo

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    I love the way you ‘see’ beauty and the way you write of it. Always touches my heart… love the way the spirit of God does that. =)
    p.s. that tree was so out of place on the beach, wasn’t it? I just HAD to capture that one.

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    “And this is Autumn: reams and reams of gold spun on green and I am rich as I gather with my eyes. “

    Thank you for writing so beautifully, that I can FEEL what you describe as seeing. And then your soul words..

    “Open your arms wide for grace.” I feel awkward… I’m used to cupping. But, I feel His calling and your post touched that desire even more. Such a gift this post is, Laura. So, so happy you shared it in the jam.

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