Fortress: Poem for Growing Boys (Plus the Rumors Winners!)

photo of “The Kelly Effect” taken for The High Calling’s photoplay this month.

Fortress by Laura Boggess

You have left your mark on me

brushstrokes across the
evening sky 
these faint white
tendrils about my midriff and
the secret places of my thighs.
how they burned their place
beneath my skin as you did braird
inside me—my body, your fortress.
the reflection of the light
posts waves on wet cement and
rain fills in the empty places at the
water’s edge. a fish jumps and the arc
reaches out—slow concentric waves
that lap over all they touch…meeting
at the edge of the ripple to close the yawn
before dying out.
I would rather be the algae that
paints the water clear blue-green
on that river bed—
that vegetation waving
soft in the current—gentle, yielding…
would rather be algae than
this awkward conversation spilling over into
our soil. you have left your mark on me,
the fortress agape, awaits the day its mark will show.
This poem was shared with nancy and her gang for voices and friends. 

And my lovely assistant drew the names of two winners of  L.L. Barkat’s Rumors of Water tonight! The winner of the signed copy is Shaunie @ Up the Sunbeam! And the second winner is Stacy who blogs at Broken. You ladies are in for a treat! Please send me your snail and I’ll get your books out to you ASAP. If you didn’t win this giveaway, you might want to check Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Art and Creativity out anyway! You won’t regret it.


  1. says

    “meeting at the edge of the ripple to close the yawn before dying out.”

    That’s going to linger in my mind for a while, Laura. Thank you.

    And “braird” reminds me that I owe you thanks. It started with “irenic” some months ago–drew my attention to my atrophied vocabulary. Now I have two “word of the day” apps on my iGoogle page. I use the “look up” feature on my Kindle. And I stop and look for meanings when I encounter words like “braird.”

    Thank you, Laura.

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