He Will Make a Way

It’s the sigh at the end of the day—all the patients are seen and we are writing chart notes with the door closed. She is our new student and today is her first day and she has followed me around from patient to patient all day long—always ready with a smile.
I’m tired, but she’s taking notes and she wants to know EXACTLY how she should do this thing. Exactly. I pause because I don’t have an exactly. But I know what it’s like to want to know it all at once—to have a field guide of sorts. So I slowly go through my process, laying down steps—some with sidesteps—and I find I am enjoying this thing—this teaching.
She is a good student.
We are intent on the list when it drifts through the crack under the door…
I know the Lord
Will make a way
Yes, He will
I know the Lord
Will make a way
The soulful voice lifts up from the physical therapy gym and we stop what we are doing. Her eyes meet mine. The notes are forgotten. We creep to the door and peek. The voice keeps singing. With a rhythmic accompaniment that isn’t quite words.

Yes, He will
He’ll make
A way for you
He will lead you
Safely through
I know the Lord
Will make a way
Yes, He will
The gym is empty except for this small cluster around the mat: two patients—one on the mat the other facing her in a wheelchair, the physical therapist, and a speech pathologist. The one with the voice has her back to me, sitting still on the edge of the mat, supported by her therapist’s frame. I can’t see the expression on her ebony face but somehow I know. I know her eyes are closed.
The student and I drift out the door, over to the mat and sit down with the others.  
I know the Lord
Will make a way
Yes, He will
I know the Lord
Will make a way
The other patient tries to sing along, but the words won’t come. She lifts her arm emphatically and uses the sounds she can make to punctuate the sweet melody of the other. She bobs the bristly white of her head and when I look into the faded leather of her face…there is fire in her eyes.
I leave with tears in mine. And I know I have just witnessed a powerful prayer. I am humbled and filled with gratitude and I ask myself…
Lord, when my words betray me, will I praise you then?
I pray it is so. I pray it is so. You will make a way.
I know the Lord
Will make a way
Yes, He will
I know the Lord
Will make a way
With sweet Emily tonight:

And Beautiful Bonnie too:



  1. says

    We wrote on the same theme, today, I think.

    I am learning: if Jesus is one’s true love, He sticks to and with longer than memories (and voices). What a beautiful thing.

    I am full to the brim, tonight, with hope and love.

    Your words are gorgeous.

  2. says

    music is so powerful . . .

    when I was a kid, my dad worked in a Christian home for mentally disabled people. He worked with adult men, some of whom could not talk or use the bathroom, all of whom had IQ’s that were heartbreakingly low. But there was one man there– John– and he would repeat himself over and over. “Why worry? Why worry? Why worry?”– it’s been 20 years and I can still hear him– one day my dad realized that he was quoting a song to comfort himself when he was afraid or upset: “why worry when you can pray?” The music stuck. And it was there in John’s heart even when he understood so very little.

    (On a side note– he also always said “Hi, Honey!” to my mom when she visited, because that’s how my dad addressed her. 🙂

  3. says

    I enjoyed this last read of my night, walking with you and the student eager to learn the exact process and then the beautiful voice that answers the question.

  4. says

    I am so thankful He is the One who can make a way, a river in a desert, a road through a wilderness. I cling to this promise as I find myself crushed in the middle of a mess. Trusting Him to show me the way, how to be His vessel ….for myself, for others. Thankful too, that as I ask for understanding…I can KNOW that He will answer…..He will make a way. My brokenness takes me to His feet to hear His way.

  5. says

    Wouldn’t it be great if life really did come with a soundtrack? So many times, I could have used the sweet sound of that song rising up from somewhere in the distance. Maybe we create our own soundtracks?

  6. says

    In light of my grandfather’s dementia when I was younger, I have prayed the same thing, that if I should forget everything else the hymns and Bible verses would be the last things remaining. What a beautiful, encouraging encounter. May God continue to glorify His name through that dear heart.

  7. says

    God IS making a way, and you have become a participant in ti. How wonderful for eager students to learn how to treat patients, and take notes. AND sing and pray (very important.)

  8. says

    So beautiful, Laura. Thank you for listening, so we can hear beauty too. What I wish and hope would be true in me too. I always know I’m in for beauty when I see hear the cafe bells jingle, as you walk in…

  9. says

    I love this post…beautiful. It hits home to me on a lot of levels. About to go thru radiation treatments, and students abound in my sessions. Sometimes it seems like the whole world is looking at me in this vulnerable position. But your story showed me the nurse side too…and the beauty that you could stop and hear in that moment. I was writing about something like this yesterday on my blog… to look for those “gifts” in our days. Your story reminds me too of how I was in for tests last week when a woman began playing hymns on the piano in the waiting area…and how she touched me in the same way…

  10. says

    Yes HE will make a way when in the depths of our despair….when crawling through the mud puddles of this life…..Yes indeed HE will make a way!

    Beautiful reminder of how precious each moment in our journey is…how we carry the courage of our Lord deep within us.

    When the time comes to utter the expressions of my soul it may not be pretty, but I, too pray I will be found faithfully trying with all my might…HIS might in me.

    Hugs and prayers,

    PS: THANKS AGAIN for this beautiful article!

  11. says

    Oh, I am overwhelmed, Laura. Tears well up. A smile creeps across my face. A song edges to my throat but I cannot sing. My mind is singing though. Thank you for this blessing.
    Glad you came by Being Woven so I hopped back to yours and have been blessed.
    loving you, ~ linda

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