It’s All Grace: Poem

Practicing my “contre-jour“, still. This is one of my favorite boys.
the Weaver has been at work
with loom in the night,
binding warp of hillside in
carmine and aurous strands of
weft; fringe of gossamer on
the edge of tapestry; the sky
flocked with daedal braid
of brume and beam flecked
with wing and birdsong. and
it’s all grace—this handiwork;
the lacy pattern of love.

Listen to it!:

It’s All Grace by Laura Boggess

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  1. says

    I can tell. You’ve learned by hanging on. To a needle. In these words, I hear Him stitching lines of Grace. The rhythms are silky. And busy.

    By the end I am wrapped in something beautiful. And something completed.

    It’s lovely, Laura! And what a treat to hear your voice, to hear that weaving rhythm of holding on.

    God bless you, stitch by stitch.

  2. says

    I have never seen the sound thing where someone reads their work. It was beautiful listening to you read this; totally different experience than I got when reading it silently myself.

  3. says

    oh laura.

    you used perfect words. so soft and yet, poignant, and the grace weaving it all together with a fine silk thread. and the softness of the photo, too, adding such humanity. thank you for this beautiful piece. your heart is so big.

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