Black Willow

Peterson says: a
shrub or
tree with
narrow, or long-
pointed leaves
that are green
on both sides…
the foliage is
fine-toothed and
hairless and Williams
adds: it usually
grows near water,
holding creek banks
in place. bark on
old trees looks
shaggy and it produces
salicin, the active
ingredient in aspirin.
I only know
I have a branch
of it pressed on
page 390 from
two years ago when
the boys and I tried
to learn our trees. now
I lay beneath its
canopy, on the bank it
holds in place and
imagine Native Americans
chewing these twigs to
soothe a headache.
In response to The High Calling’s Photoplay this month Random Acts of Poetry by Tweetspeak Poetry.


  1. says

    Such an interesting weaving of fact and observation, science and natural beauty, something I never would have thought to do and you did it beautifully! I too left soothed, touched, calm.

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