Missing Autumn: Poem

the mantle of night
slides down the spine
of this mountain,
falling on blue
morning. the river

around here the
water waits to see.
the wind laps
against branches;
wave after wave of
crashing caress.

and I have missed
autumn. there are
leaves all over
the road.

listen to it:

Missing Autumn by Laura Boggess

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  1. says


    Heavy frost, this morning: the first I’ve seen, this fall. Probably the first of the fall. I don’t dislike autumn, but trying to scratch frost of the windshield with Clementine’s Curious George board book wasn’t fun, so much. 🙂

    Happy autumn to you, Laura!

  2. says

    oh, this crash and caress, i love it… and that first stanza, it blew me away… you use words so tenderly and reverently; i am in awe, and i am always ministered to when i come here, laura. thank you.

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    i love your poetry so much….and i worked from dark to dark this week and didn’t get to see my mountain in the daylight until yesterday. we went from festive red maples to drab gray winter while i was busy at school. i’m a little sad.

  4. says

    That made me feel so sad…that you missed all the beauty and only noticed the leaves on the road. Not sure if that is what I was supposed to feel but…..

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