Playdates with God: Love in the Mail

The frost is thick on the grass in the mornings now and I stand on the porch with Lucy Mae and watch my breath move out of me. It becomes part of the atmosphere and I imagine that it carries love and my love travels on the air over miles and miles of land and sea.
I cannot go to Ecuador—only in my prayers. I cannot travel to the far reaches of Africa. Though my heart visits those curves on the globe every night…To the Great Horn in Ethiopia where a young son carries a picture of me in his shirt pocket. “So I can keep you close to my heart,” he wrote me once. And down to the Southeast in Malawi, where two young girls dance and dream. One wants to be a teacher—and she keeps good marks in school. The other likes to draw and she sends me pictures scratched out with pencil on small bits of paper.
How I love these children. And each night, my boys and I pray for them and so many like them who live in poverty and want. I cannot go and see the light that shines in their eyes. At least not now. For now I am stuck in the pew.
But I can send little pieces of my heart to them. A t-shirt with our football team’s logo for Romedan. New sketchpads and colored pencils. Colorful hairbands for Bunaya and Evyline. Photographs of my boys—their American brothers. 
The packages should  arrive in time for Christmas.
And love. So much love I send to Africa.
Will you please join me in praying for my friend Ann and the other Compassion bloggers who are in Ecuador this week? They carry so much love along with them. 

How do you embrace the God-joy? Every Monday I’ll be sharing one of my Playdates with God. I would love to hear about yours. It can be anything: outside, quiet time. Maybe it’s solitary. Maybe it’s loud and crowded. Just find Him. Be with Him. And come tell us about it.

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    I am preparing to go to Haiti next month. I am asking God to prepare my heart. We will get to share a celebration of Christmas with children many of them orphans—all of them in poverty.

    What blessings and love you send in the mail! Sometimes we go, sometimes we stay. Always we pray.

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    My heart also goes out to the peoples of the world. Yet, ‘prayer is the greater work’. By praying we send our love in ways beyond what we could ever think or imagine because it travels with God. I, too, love your heart.

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    I will pray with you Laura… lifting them to our Father with you. What a delight for these precious ones to receive your love… praying that they know it is an overflowing river from His love.

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    Woke up this morning praying for the team travelling to Equador. I have been blessed to entwine my heart with children in Rwanda, their mother now a dear friend. Thanks for this reminder to pray, think of others.

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    Just this morning I was praying for Ann and the others on the Compassion team – thinking that although I cannot go, I can pray.
    Joining my heart with yours Laura.

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    “For now I am stuck in the pew.” But sending your heart–sending your love–is definitely active faith. And you are reminding me that I need to get a gift together for my little friend Jose in El Salvador and put it in the mail very soon!

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    I never really thought I would be the one to stay at home – but like the drill sgt. who has the honorable yet very tough job of turning our young men and women into soldiers who go into the world – my job right now is to train and pray for them to go into the world, to plant themselves where God created them to go.

    I love how you are living your mission!

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    In a way we are blessed here in the Philippines…we don’t have to go far to share Jesus with those who need it most! On many street corners you see street kids begging. But it’s also a curse because the dilemma is if you give, then you are teaching them to continue to beg. It is better to talk to them, as my husband says, acknowledge them as people. I try to buy food for them instead of giving money. I guess it would be nice to carry nice colorful things also in my bag to give away. Can you tell I am a bit confused about this?! Will pray with you for your boy and girls. God bless! Patsy from

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    I join my prayers with yours, Laura, and those who’ve commented here that they’re praying. I send my prayers to my child in the Philippines — and ask that God just surround this whole world of people, everyone on Earth, with his peace and love and protection and the “good news” of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

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    I’m new to your lovely blog! I’m also linking up, I did not put your link back this time because I already posted after I found you. Next week I will link back. Thank you!

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    Shaun Groves spoke about this upcoming trip and the work of Compassion during Relevant. He talked about both the urgency of poverty and the hope Christ offers. This is such a hopeful post, dear friend. You and your boys are shipping boxes filled with hope.

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    yes, joining you in prayer. So much love shown here and traveling far. And that first paragraph with the weather and your breath so real and traveling, left me breathless here reading.

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    Your words “I cannot go….” stood out to me. I cannot go because my assignment lies elsewhere. But prayers are carried along to those places I cannot go and it must be enough for me. I have needed to come back to this quite a few times. Perhaps that’s why those words stand out.

    I like to think of your package making such a long trip and being received…and smiles on both ends.

    I love the rawness of several of your recent posts. Are they that? Or is something raw in me connecting with what you are writing? It’s so interesting to ponder.

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    I feel a bit out of place with all you ladies, but my wife insisted. She likes some of my musings (but not all – – this one she does like)

    Our old church where our children grew up always had Christmas in September when we too mailed packages to our missionaries in Africa. It always took that long to reach them by boat. That is one way we can send love across the waters!

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    I love how you carry them in your heart, so truly…I regret in all of this transition that I have not loved our kids in faraway places so faithfully…we pray for them often, but you give them yourself…I think ours could have better sponsors, should have, but they have us and they are sponsored and I pray they know we do love them so…well, enough rambling, I love that you love them from the pew, in the quiet, in all that’s real in you:}

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    Praying…for those Ann and her team met this week, and for those they didn’t. And for the precious girls who will receive your gifts, and for the precious boys and girls who won’t.

    Thanks for the reminder, Laura.

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