Playdates with God: The Sleeping Garden

I spend the mornings in the flowers—cutting back, pulling up, raking out. I’m late this year—the frost already thick on the grass when the sun drops the diamonds of first light. My mother-in-law told me to wait; let the birds glean what they will, she said. And they did. The coneflower is dry as straw, the Black-eyed Susans blink. All the color is gone from the garden. The brittle browns and faded rusts shush me as they rub together in the wind.
I rake leaf remains out from around tubers—their subtle reds and golds like scattered gems. The thick bands of iris greens break easily with fingers. I smooth around their fibrous heads, let them breathe. Already the leaves have started to make rich compost–the soil underneath fragrant and dark. I breathe deep its heady scent, close my eyes and dig fingers in the cool moist.
This afternoon the robins are in a frenzy over my newly cleared soil. I watch from the window as they hastily march back and forth amongst the stubby remains of my garden.  It looks so clean. The mulch around the dormant clumps of green holds such promise. I wrap my arms around my sides—hug close this seed that strains against the dark soil of my heart.
Yesterday the first snowbirds came calling. You are too early, I said to them, through the glass of the kitchen window. I watched them pick at the ground for stray seeds, rosy beaks and slate feathers speaking the horizon of scant days. 
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How do you embrace the God-joy? Every Monday I’ll be sharing one of my Playdates with God. I would love to hear about yours. It can be anything: outside, quiet time. Maybe it’s solitary. Maybe it’s loud and crowded. Just find Him. Be with Him. And come tell us about it.

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    I probably should have commented over at High Calling. I read your post earlier, loving it all. As always, your writing. Plus, you made me feel better because the birds have had ample time to enjoy my garden this year. After reading this, though, I am inspired to go work with my neglected flower beds a bit.

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    Gardening and clearing for the Winter. My garden buskets got cleaned afew weeks ago. Looking liek they need another roud of clearing.I love watching the birds. I have been watching the migration fo many around here lately. Still many heading South for the Winter.
    Im so excited I have made it twice in a row to Playdates. Yea!
    AS this is one of my favorites. I love reading all the play dates. Though today i will have to come back after a busy day of work and read.

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    Good morning! Something happened with my reader feed so that your posts stopped coming. I missed you and came looking for you today. Your voice is valuable and appreciated. Grace and peace to you today, Laura!

    (Our Texas garden is very much awake in the unseasonably warm temperatures these last few days! Frost will come, but the flowers are nice now after the brown, dry summer.)

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    I love your photo. Especially how you got the coneflower to be so sharp and the background all circles and rings instead of mere out of focus foliage.

    What a beautiful person you are, Laura. How great that you see the beauty of God in everything, even in dried stalks and winter-weary gardening.

    May the peace of God enfold you tenderly today.

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    Yes… those birds are too early! And, I’ve got to find where those little red squirrels are getting in under my roof… ugh! Laura, it’s always a true pleasure coming to visit with you… sending you a loving hug. =)

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