How a Photograph Can Rewrite History

We’ve watched our kids grow together and agonized over the awkward parts and laughed about some of the crazy parts and we know we are not even close to being done yet but my son’s former kindergarten teacher and I have a deal. When her daughter and my son are seniors in high school, we are going to rent us a limo and tailgate in the school parking lot with a couple other long-suffering moms on prom night.

It was her idea.

And we haven’t told the kids.

I remember standing beside her and watching the kids play one day years and years ago. She sighed deep, leaned her head close to mine and said, “And to think, one day they’ll rule the world.”

I just laughed.

She’s the one who taught me how to rewrite history.

“All you need is one good photograph,” she said. “You get one good picture and you’ll never remember the bad parts. You’ll look at that picture years later and all you’ll remember is love.”

I think she’s right.

But maybe, just maybe…maybe it’s not rewriting history as much as it is shining a light on the truth of the bigger story.

My three sweeties
Maybe the photographs tell the story true.

Things got a little silly
I love this picture of Teddy

My beautiful neices
And here’s the whole gang.


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    I love that picture of Teddy too. I don’t know if it’s that I’m married to a redhead, or if it’s the introversion, or what exactly. But I have a soft spot for him. (The rest of the photos are quite lovely too… 🙂

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    I love the bright red hair on that Teddy, and I hope Charleigh’s red hair is THAT bright, when it comes in all the way. 🙂 (I’m also hoping it continues to curl, so she’ll look like Orphan Annie.)

    Beautiful, beautiful photos.

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    Remembering when my own red-haired son was 15 … with so much love. And now he has a lovely red-haired wife with his own almost 14 year old son. Cherish the days of their youth!

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    Such beautiful pictures Laura – holding joy in time.
    I have seen God’s grace cover the lives of my children and somehow erase the memories that sometimes haunt this flawed Mama. He makes pictures of the joy.

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    Such wonderful photos, First one, Dad, hands in pockets, next boy,arms folded, youngest boy, eyes downcast. Caption; Dad says, next time do it my way. (smile)
    Happy girls, and finally all decked out in white shirts and blouses and dark pants. Great reminders that our babies do grow up, and they will rule the world.

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    The photos of your family are heartwarming and filled with love. Yes, you’ll look back on those and remember all the wonderful moments you have shared. I know that happens when I put the photos in an album (need to do it more often).
    Life changes way too fast. Hang on to the joy.

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    Such wisdom, “You’ll look at that picture years later and all you’ll remember is love.” In these challenging stretching teen years I want to hang on to those words. Not just for the future but for today – to let the focus be the love.

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    Beautiful, beautiful photos, Laura. You’re in such a tender phase with those growing boys. I LOVE the prom night idea.

    Our youngest (ok, Rich’s youngest) is nearly 24. I’m realizing with a gulp that we’ve moved to the senior generation in these photos.

    Though we have three parents of our own left. So maybe not quite yet.

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    These are LOVELY photos, Laura. Whose family is this? Yours or your husband’s? And those boys of yours? Heartbreakers for sure. Thanks so much for sharing them and the running commentary as well. A couple of those shots look a tiny bit like Kelly shots – what a fun afternoon you must have had.

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    I take photos like that – rewrite history – maybe, though, it’s not rewriting history – maybe it is speaking faith and telling a faith story about that moment:) I have a lot of those.

    BTYW – sadly, those planned marriages don’t work out. I, do, however, have a “Wish you were my in-law” list! LOL!

    Love your photos. I always wanted red head children – but my husband stubbornly refused to pass his red head gene down!!

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    Treasures, the people and the pictures. I remember taking my eldest for pictures when she was a toddler, and it was crazy. I left thinking it had been a waste of time. Then I received the proofs and felt I’d been given perspective on her beauty and curiosity that evaded me in the responsibilities moment by moment. Anyway, I see the gift here, in these pictures. I love the one of your sweeties, but I also love how they look even brighter with you in the picture with them. Truly, a beautiful family. Love and Blessings as you step through this Advent season together.

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