How to Hold on to Christmas

(a repost today, friends, as we jump back into work and life and carry on with the gift of it. Epiphany does not come until Jan. 6, but I have been feeling it in my heart today. I’ll be holding you dear…)

I took down the mistletoe today. 

No more lurking in dark corners preying upon prepubescent boys to steal kisses. (I’m talking about my sons…Who have YOU been kissing? Okay, so it was really more like a hug-tackle. Hey, they aren’t that big on snuggling anymore, who can blame a mom?)
We are here. 
We have arrived at the stable. God incarnate nestled in manger. He slid into our world through the door of a mother’s womb. 
This wonder, this…epiphany…breaks me open, drives me to my knees.
 I come with my meager gifts. When I left with them in hand I rejoiced to give gifts of such value. I felt pride at the worth in my hands. Now, standing here…I only feel my lack. But somehow–when I stand before Him–all this melts away. My heart rejoices, despite my diminutive status. He came for me. I know this. I feel it in my marrow. 
While I celebrate at this knowledge (Emmanuel! God with us!), my heart is heavy. For there is the return journey home. I must leave this humble place. I must turn my back on this holiness and step back into the every day. 
That’s what boxing up Christmas feels like to me.
I gather all my splashes of red. I take down my nativity. But as I cradle Baby Jesus in my hand, heart skips a beat.  
Will he not remain with me?
Isn’t this the gift of Epiphany? The gift of the Cross?
Sorrow spins again into joy. Love’s promise weaves this knowledge into my heart: He never leaves.
He never leaves.
We choose some tangible reminders of this truth to remain tucked in our world. The heart remembers the weakness of the flesh–the sin of forgetting. 
And as I gather the splashes of red, mind’s eye focuses on His presence. 

And heart whispers Thank You.

with Jen:



  1. says

    I know all about those tackle hugs!!!! Sigh! I take all the ornaments off my tree except for snowmen and live it up till valentines:) I miss the lead up to Christmas – the focusing on the reason for the season – I miss that beacon that reminds me so beautifully!

  2. says

    Was thinking about you preaching on Sunday… we got back last night from visiting extended family so all of our Christmas decorations are still up… so glad He is always WITH us…Blessings to you and your family 🙂

  3. says

    Hugs and kisses are good anytime at my house — no mistletoe needed. I wonder if Jesus will kiss us as we enter heaven? I think we may already be given Angel kisses and not know it.
    Christ remains in our hearts and Christmas is a time of remembering and celebrating his birth. May we ever hold Him dear.

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