Playdates with God: When Miracles Happen

We placed the gifts under the tree and stepped into the celebration. There were years of trying, innumerable procedures, tears, prayers and finally resignation. I remember asking God, “Why?”and hurting for my friend for the ache of the empty.
Prayers aren’t always answered this way, and waiting is not always so richly rewarded, but when we met for coffee that day and she glowed as she told us: God has truly worked a miracle…I laughed out loud with the joy of it all and marveled at the generosity of our good God: silent for so many years, yet, ever present in the midst—waiting for just the right time. The waiting, pale and withered, was given new meaning.
God was silent for over 400 years before the angel Gabriel appeared to Zechariah and then to Mary. How the people must have despaired. How they must have ached with the empty. Who could have known? Who could ever guess that He would come so soft and small and helpless? The One who gave the waiting new meaning left his heavenly throne and stepped down among us as the desire of a mother’s heart.
For there is nothing so sweet as waiting for a baby.
How do you embrace the God-joy? Every Monday I’ll be sharing one of my Playdates with God. I would love to hear about yours. It can be anything: outside, quiet time. Maybe it’s solitary. Maybe it’s loud and crowded. Just find Him. Be with Him. And come tell us about it.

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    Both wondrous miracles. I am overwhelmed when I think of the Baby born so long ago still has an impact in my life today. The words of a song come to mind, “Oh how He loves you and me!”

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    This time of year just rings with miracles. Though I know they are around all year. It is magical to me. That He sent His only Son down from heaven as a babe in a manger is just the amamzing today as it was then. For a woman to concieve and give birth is an amazing joy and gift. Our prayers for your friend are going up as she awaits the arrival of her gift from heaven. What a specail Christmas gift she is given. The joy and the heart ache so caught in your post today. I love it. You are an amazing write and minster Gods love so wonderfully.
    Thank you!

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    So, you are in the midst of getting ready for Christmas celebrations, and getting your heart ready for Jesus’ coming. He is “with” us, “alive” in us, “God present with us for guidance, comfort and strength.”
    He walks beside us. And best of all, has lifted us up to heavenly places in Christ Jesus, even as we plod through the muck of this earthly life.

    God bless you today, dear friend.

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    Last year at this season we were waiting for Naomi, my first grandchild. I looked at Annie my daughter so many times and thought of Mary waiting! Naomi waited until the new year to come. She has blessed us so much this year to see life again through a baby awakening to this world. So blessed.

    And so thankful the empty ache was filled with baby joy!

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    Praise God for His perfect timing and His answers to prayer! In the fullness of time God appeared to a sinful world in the form of a tiny baby. Emmanuel — God with us!
    Thanks for the great post, and God bless!

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    There truly is nothing quite as sweet as anticipating the arrival of a baby! Even if it is overdue! Thank you for sharing this miracle! I rejoice along with you and your friends!

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    I love your “Baby Boy” gifts under the tree! What a way to remember where it all began! One of my most treasured traditions is a Happy Birthday Cake for Jesus before we open presents. 🙂

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    Laura, we both wrote about waiting today. I was thinking about how a day is like a 1000 years to God and how our timetable is so small in comparison. I saw a 1000 year old building in London last week and marvelled!

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    Ah, Laura, what sweet and happy news! In my family, in my generation, the babies haven’t come easily. News of a baby on the way undoes me. Every time.

    Jesus, our Messiah, coming as a baby. Who’s afraid of a baby? Once again, proof that our God is omnigenious (I don’t think that’s a real word, but you get my drift, I think.)

    Love this.

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    Thank you for this short and sweet meditation on the joys of waiting for a baby. Praying that all goes well for your dear friend.

    And I read through some earlier posts and realized I had missed the one about being with your husband’s family for Thanksgiving – so my query was answered as to which side of the family you were with. Thanks for your note at my place. I know about those hurts, they go deep – but never deep enough that grace cannot reach, touch and heal.

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    I, too, just found out about a friend who we have prayed that she would become pregnant. This whole fall I anticipated the call that she was indeed…pregnant! And last week, I got it…there’s few joys that compare:} And yes all the hollowed out and pre-pregnancy hope for the Messiah…long looks at this provide wondrous perspective! Thank you, always, thank you.

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    Four-hundred years. FOUR-HUNDRED! Generation upon generation upon generation of silence.

    But behold, our God is a God of miracles. Present-tense. Just when we get to thinking He isn’t around anymore, He does the unthinkable, the unfathomable. I’m holding fast to that promise. …

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    What a great picture of the waiting and what a joyous celebration with your friend! Oh, that no heart would be aching with the empty. Let every heart prepare him room…
    Hug. <3

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