Room 118: A Poem

you fell asleep so
i sit and stare out
the glass panes of
your window
at rain clinging to
the round, red
berries on the tree

each one
holds the city in
it’s bulging dome—
the gray of streets
and green of tree
and flashes of traffic
serried together

two brown-
skinned girls run
up the sidewalk,
waving at the city
bus, umbrellas held
out in front like a
knight’s lance

my heart held
out in front of me;
the only weapon
against this tired.
you must have
heard me sigh
because you open

your eyes and we
talk about how
you miss your dogs
and the way the
food tastes like so
much saw dust and
you smile

i give you the
rain on the round,
red berry…i give
you the world
tucked inside a
crystal bead. and you
give me…the stars.

Listen to it…

Room 118 by Laura Boggess

Shared with Nance and friends and Emily:


  1. says

    Lovely, especially that last stanza.

    “i give you the/ rain on the round, / red berry” : conceptually an very compelling image.

    I’ll come back to hear your read the poem aloud.

  2. says

    It is so touching Laura. I see you both and my heart is full.
    It is a delight to hear your gentle voice reading the beautiful words.
    Sending much love.

  3. says

    Well,that left me pretty breathless!
    I like the alliteration, which, I’m most certain, you intended. And I thank you for driving me to the dictionary to check out a new word. Your vocalization is very sweet. Thank you once more for the beauty that grows with each new rendering.

  4. says

    A deep breath of quiet. May God grant you strength and comfort in caring for the inhabitant of room 118.

    Thank you for your kind words on my poem earlier in the week, too. Grace and peace to you in Jesus.

  5. says

    oh laura as soon as i looked at this photo i began to cry, and then, your poem which was just like the bright little bird: flying straight into my heart. what a gift you are, for so many. i hope you find time for yourself this christmas. xo

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