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Yesterday morning the earth rose up to meet the sky and they mingled in the dimpled places and above the river and I drove to work through the milk of it. Everyone keeps saying we won’t have a white Christmas this year but there I was driving through a muted world—all awash with white.
The rain came later and Jeff and I laughed as we ran through it in the parking lot after an early evening shopping trip. As we drove home I noticed how light makes shine on the clinging droplets and the whole world seemed dusted in glitter.
My heart wants to pause and linger by the tree; listen to soft music and get lost in the twinkle of lights. But there is still the busy, the obligations, the chores. Even the good takes me away from quiet contemplation. So I’m trying to be fully present in the busy—find the sacred there.
It’s not that hard. Really. 
This hand made apron arrived in the mail the other day–from the amazing Kathleen. Just to touch the beautiful fabric was a gift. I felt the love in each stitch. 

Thank you, Kathleen.
For Jeffrey, it’s not Christmas until we make the sugar cookies. So we put the apron to the test.
The things boys do while waiting for cookies…
May you find everything that is sweet this Christmas… 

 With my sweet friend Jennifer today:

and dear Emily…


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    Ah Laura – my sugar-cookie child is far away across the ocean this Christmas. It wasn’t Christmas for her unless we rolled out the dough, cut out the trees, wreaths, angels, santas and snowmen, and then iced and decorated them.
    Thank you for sharing this. Your apron is perfect.
    Love to you sweet friend. I pray all the joy, peace and love of Christmas will fill your heart full to overflowing.
    Merry Christmas!

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    Beautiful and tasty… making those cookies tonight and wondering if they’ll even make it to Christmas day 😉 I’ll have to hide some. Merry Christmas Laura!

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    sigh. the world all glittery and driving through the milk and then laughing through the rain and beautiful aprons and sugar cookies… delighting with you, for you, this christmas, beautiful laura. i am so grateful for you. merry christmas!

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    “Long ago, before he made the world, God chose us to be his very own, through what Christ would do for us; he decided then to make us perfect in his eyes — without a single fault! — we who stand before him covered with his love.” (Eph 1:4)

    God sees you faultless, blameless, because he sees Christ when he looks at you. Ah, if we could only take in the import of this!

    Merry Christmas, Laura. Thank you for your efforts and friendship.

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    Beautiful post, beautiful words, beautiful apron, beautiful you. Thank you so much, Laura – I am piling into bed exhausted but happy after a family gathering for 20 at our home. We did a small, impromptu progressive dinner with appetizers/soup/breads/salad at our son’s home 15 minutes from here, then a wild dessert buffet here. I did not do sugar cookies this year, but tried about 5 other kinds, some of which I loved and some of which I won’t bother with again. Back to the old tried and true sugar ones next time! This was a balm to read at the end of a long day, a long week. Merry Christmas, Laura!

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    This was the first year I did not make Christmas cookies in over twenty-five years. My boys felt the same way about cookies, that it just wasn’t Christmas without them, well into their twenties. But now the youngest, who was the longest to hold out for cookies, is married. He and his bride made their own. I don’t eat the cookies anymore. Our other son has moved on to more adult pursuits. Funny thing is, I did not miss the baking, even though I had always thought I would make the cookies no matter what. The best way to describe it is this: I am content and grateful to be.

    My celebration of Christmas has changed with a new season, and I am learning that a rich life in God means I should welcome all the seasons He brings. The point is to make room for loved ones and for seasons and The Season in them. You make the point very well here. I am glad you made room and shared it with us (along with the apron). Hope your Christmas was lovely in every way.

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    You wear that adorable apron well! I’m smiling so big right now, with one tear running down my cheek, actually, because we didn’t get to the sugar cookies this year. The girls were good with it, but I felt a wee bit of guilt. Then I came here and read your post, saw your pictures, and felt this sweet sense that I didn’t have to bake the sugar cookies. You took care of it. The beauty of community. I feel like we’re at a gathering and I’m enjoying your sweetness. Thank you, friend.
    And I love the way you tied them up!

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