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    Wow, Laura! Very dramatic reading. I especially liked the lines about scooping the moon light. All the details of a woman’s life that no one stops to mention. . . except you, now, giving us all voice. Thank you!

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    That was amazing, Laura. Hung on every word, nodded, wiped tears… Like Kelly said, it’s pretty much perfect…and your voice…my goodness, it melts butter, I’m sure of it.

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    Oh yes,Laura. I can find several. Can you feel me hugging you? Can you hear me clapping? Can I tell you that I love you? You’ve spoken for so many. A very powerful write. God bless you for sharing this piece of your heart.

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    I remember leaving a comment here a few months ago after you had posted audio for one of your poems. I don’t exactly remember what I wrote. But this, tonight, sounds exactly like your reply.

    Full of knuckles and moss.

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    DO YOU SEE ME STANDING UP HERE?? APPLAUDING AND YELLING WILDLY, LIKE SOME CRAZED BANSHEE?? Oh my, YES! YES! YES! Thanks so very much for this, beautiful Laura. Is it in print anywhere? Will you print it on somewhere so that I can use it as I work with women who need to hear this, to read this? Oh my golly gosh, this is just fabulous. LOVE THIS. LOVE YOU.

    P.S. 1.) because you’re kind
    2.) because you’re deep
    3.) because your heart is as big as the universe
    4.) because you’re so, so smart
    5.) because I love that you don’t know about Botox. :>)

    I could go on, but I’ll send you these five. With love.

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    Yes Laura- taking a chance on you and having the Wellspring in my life has been inspirational, enjoyable, F U N ~! Loved hearing your voice as you recited this poem so eloquently- it was like having you in my home=very special. thanks for this!!

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    That was AMAZING, Laura! You are EXTRAORDINARY (P.S. I thought you were even before this …)! the Spanish Moss got me and so many other lines…Thank you for digging deep and sharing with us 🙂

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    (((((Laura))))), I watched this over and over and over. On the computer I am at, right now, it doesn’t have sound, but I ‘heard’ your voice very clear, your heart and soul pours out, and it made me cry. You are such a beautiful person, woman, who embraces everyone with the same dignity and honor. You have the true spirit. —Stephanie

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    Anyone who has been in your presence will know immediately a long list of reasons!

    Your poem evoked so many emotions in me. At different places I agreed, disagreed, nodded, chuckled, felt pierced and so much more. When you exclaimed for the 2nd time, “I haven’t been to Paris!” I thought that was so rich. Your comment about where you earned your stripes….do we know where we’ve earned ours, each of us? Do we value those places? Or do we feel competitive? You sent me on quite a mental journey, but pulled me right back again.

    Great title, too. Reminded of Geo. M. Cohan, when he was asked the secret of his success. “I’m just an ordinary guy who knows what ordinary guys like.”

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    Mmmmmm….you make “every woman” seem as startlingly beautiful as a bright red cardinal perched against a white backdrop of fresh snow.

    You speak for all the extraordinary-ordinary women of the world, hands full of laundry, scooping the moon.

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    you make me realize my true worth, this education received outside of a university classroom, these strips earned in front seat of a mini van (or a subaru outback, in my case :))… i love you laura. you, beautiful, extraordinary woman… thank you for giving us a voice.

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    ah i tried one more time…and it worked really good…like spanish moss from the tree…smiles….very nice reading and our write resonate a bit today for sure….there is a lot to that ordinary…smile.s

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    I’m so glad I came by to see what all the fuss was about!

    Like Diana, I jumped to my feet to cheer. But I was too choked up to shout.

    Spanish moss, yes.

    Thank you, Laura, for this. I think we all thank you.

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    Honestly? The part about scrubbing the blood from the undergarments just undid me. It is beautiful and true and it sings that we all try to hide from “ordinary” because it includes moments just like that. And I would take a million chances on you, Laura. One. Million. And then some. Love you!

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    I wasn’t ready to comment at first. I have been very down, and this is the FIRST thing that has spoken to me. “dreams like rivers …”

    I am so, so glad I took a chance on you. You are such a dear friend.

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    Laura, have we met? Maybe at a conference somewhere?

    I loved this. Came by way of an email from Sheila and see you’re connected with quite a few friends. How many words you said with so few.

    Well done. Your dedication inspired me today! I’d have taken a chance on you.


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