How the Word Tranforms and Scripture Cards for the Book of James

I knew what the lectionary scriptures were for Sunday. I knew because on Saturday, the pastor who taught the course I was attending read them aloud to the class. We were talking about the church as a body that transforms, and he read to us from Jonah about the transformation of the people of Nineveh. He read to us from 1 Corinthians that this world in its present form is passing away…

And when he read those words aloud in class we all looked wide-eyed at one another and smiled and proclaimed about the timing of God. But when my pastor reads them from the pulpit on Sunday—my eyes well with tears of recognition.

I don’t know the way to transformation without the Word. 

Every week my friends and I gather to study it—this life-giving, seed-planting, world-transforming Word. We’ve done it for years, gathered around the teachings of Kay and Beth and Priscilla and Jennifer…too many Word givers to count. We started a new one a couple weeks ago, and how my heart celebrates the way this small group of women holds together this way—the way we love each other through the stuff of life.

And today, when Dr. Henry tells me that to correct my son’s vision…to correct his vision we really should have caught it before age seven…When he says this, I need the anchor of all those words we’ve studied together. He just turned 15, for Pete’s sake, and this means he’s spent more than half his life with this visual deficit, and how could I have missed this? How could I not know?

Dr. Henry sees it on my face and he looks me straight in the eye, bless his beautiful heart, and he says, you are not a bad mother. He says a lot of other things too, including no depth perception and he’ll never drive a big rig and his other eye is perfect.

And I spend all evening trying to hide tears, feeling small as a mother, small in faith, and I flee the house…just to be alone. I can’t take the piles of laundry and paper and dog hair and everything I should be doing and…and…and I can’t breathe.

How could I not know?

I know it’s not the end of the world but somehow it feels a bit like it. And I sit in the car at K-mart and suddenly, I remember this:

For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. –Colossians 3:3-4

And somehow, it calms my heart. I ponder what it means—to be hidden in Christ. And just what kind of glory will we appear in? I feel the sure, slow hand of God remind me that this is not the end. This is not our home. And one day…one day we all will be given new eyes.

Oh, praise God for his goodness.

I would not have had that verse in my heart if it wasn’t for my sister Ann—who encouraged me to memorize the book of Colossians in 2011. I didn’t think I could do it. But she broke it down…two verses a week. She generously made scripture cards available to make it easier. And gave some ideas for making the cards lovely. But I just glued them into a notebook. Well, sometimes I taped them. Mine weren’t pretty. But I stuck it out. And that old yellow notebook has a big part of my heart in it too.

These next few weeks my Bible study sisters and I are learning about James with Beth Moore. Beth encourages us to memorize the book of James. Her plan is faster, but I love Ann’s two verses a week. It keeps the words on my heart—these tiny bites feed a great hunger.  There are 108 verses in James, that puts us just a couple weeks over a year to learn it, but that’s not too bad. **CORRECTION: I originally left out four verses (James 1: 23-26) but the document is corrected now. My thanks to Cindy Irby for her help with this. Please forgive? My eyes must have been all mixed up with words and dates and my double check somehow missed it. Thank you so much for your grace. But, if you would so like, here is the PDF to print out scripture memory cards for the book of James.

I used the Avery label 5388 to make them.  If you buy Avery label 5388, when you print the document select the “actual size” option on the print screen. This should print out perfect for the index card size cards with perforated edges of Avery 5388. That way you won’t have to do any cutting.


Because I don’t know how to be transformed without the Word.
Or without my sisters to come along beside.
with the amazing Jen:
and dear Michelle too:



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    Beautiful – life-giving Words. Loved reading this. And I will be going through Beth Moore’s James study with a group of women, too, starting this week! Looking forward to it very much! Did you make it all the way through Colossians with the memorization? I did it part way – so valuable to have His Words hidden in our hearts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    I do not know how people cope and fully live without God… his Words speaking life to us. That would be so hard to hear a doctor tell you such news. I’m thankful that God is bigger than the spoken word of man…more than the collective knowledge of man. I have no clue what God will do…I know He is able to restore sight….and sometimes we walk out His grace in the those difficult seemingly incomplete paths of life.i love the book of James. I couldn’t do this study but I might still have to get the book.

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    I have been trying to memorize verses for years. Sometimes I am successful, but I never can repeat it when someone is listening. I recorded myself saying verses on my phone and I listen to it 3 times a day but I think I’m gong to start a notebook too, and see how that goes! There are lots of bad jolts in life, but what we can be certain is, God never gives us anything that is not GOOD for us, in the eternal sense. Sometimes I ask Him why, Lord? and He tellas me that ALL is a gift. We just need to open our eyes to see!! God bless you! Patsy from

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    Bummer, I couldn’t get either link to open for me. Perhaps those files of yours don’t work for my Apple computer. I can’t wait until they get the new Onlive program for the Apple to make them Word friendly. I have that on my iPad. Hmmm….

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    awesome. this word. living and active. studying beth moore’s james as well. but on my own and slow as my small group picks it apart verse by verse.

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    I do ache for you, mom to mom, but without a trace of judgment. I have missed big things in my kids’ lives, too.

    (So, there goes your dream of him becoming an over-the-road trucker, huh?)

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    There are a LOT of things that “HOW could we ever Know?” Your Dr was right that you are a good mother, and do NOW what you can to help his vision. When our son was 3 we discovered that he could barely see his feet. Thick glasses worked until he was old enough to take care of contacts. He is almost blind in one eye, but he has learned to compensate. Love that boy and pray for him a lot! Sons are precious to their moms.

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    Trying again… 🙂
    I know just how you felt Laura. I missed a problem in Scott’s eye when he was little (we thought it an allergy) and he eventually had to have surgery. I put myself up as a candidate for worst mother of the year! Oh the guilt.
    I will be working on memory verses again this year too. It is one of the best things I’ve ever done!

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    Now that I have a son-in-law, I often pray for him that he will love our daughter as Christ loves the Church, and that he will wash her with the Word. It’s so powerful, knowing that the Scripture is alive and active in our spirits. I have lately been convicted of the need to approach it with more humility. I shouldn’t just pick it up and begin reading, I should first ask Him to prepare my heart to receive all that He desires to show me. Then the posture of my heart is appropriate to approach the Word.

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    I’m squirming in my chair because there are so many things I’ve missed in my daughter’s life–like her Crohn’s–that took years to diagnose. And then so many regrets for mommy failures. And yet I always come back to this–He knew what He was doing when He paired us up. He knew/knows the end from the beginning. And somehow, it is good. Because it’s all Him.

    Love you, friend.

    P.S. I think of Kay as my spiritual mom. I used to sit under her teaching in Georgia when she would come down to teach way back when. She instilled my love for the Word.

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    Your pain was palpable [so sorry, Laura, to hear about his eyes] as was God’s comfort through His Spirit and words…agree with you…most of my growth has come through being in God’s word and the friendship of sisters in Him. Sending you a hug and prayers for peace and God’s leading. You are inspiring me to get back to memorizing Scripture again 🙂

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    Oh, sweetie – we can’t catch all those things in our kids, especially fine-tuned vision problems. But that knowledge in your head doesn’t stop the sad/guilty feelings in your mama’s heart. My middle girl had a routine eye exam in school – they sent a note home telling me to get her to an opthamologist ASAP. Her vision was something like 20/400 – she was nearly legally blind and we hadn’t a clue. Now she teaches blind students (as does her husband and her sister – all of them special ed orientation/mobility specialists). I felt just awful for her! She was a little younger – maybe 10? – but we and her GP had missed this. We wonder now if she just memorized the eye charts at her annual physical exams! You are a good mama, Laura. And he will be just fine with this. (Loved Megan’s capping question!)

  13. Anonymous says

    I needed to read this today, thank you for sharing. I am currently printing scripture cards for Ephesians. Every word of God is life and healing, and I can’t wait to soak in it. I was legally blind in junior high and my parents just didn’t know, although they were caring and attentive. Surprising to me now, but I had adjusted and didn’t know the difference. Grace and peace to you.

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    So sorry for the difficult news about your son! A dear friend just recently learned about a severe vision deficit in her pre-K son’s eyes. It may not be reparable either, even though caught very young.

    Our God has been gently reminding me lately that even the mistakes and bad decisions and overlooked details are part of His “all things” working together for good. May He pour that same hope into you and your boy.

    (I’m working through that same James study! How nice to be united in that way across the miles. No distance in Christ.)

    Chairein, Laura! (2nd James video)

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    Wow, some heavy thoughts here, Laura. You are right about the thoughts of being hidden in Christ and how that can soothe. We are all in need of it. Good post here, and God’s blessings to your son.

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    We have nothing. We have nothing but our words. And they do so much damage, too, slashing up our hearts with lies, and our minds with untruths.

    I don’t like those words.

    But His Word. His Word gets inside. We make a little room, maybe a manger and a a few flimsy index cards. And then a miracle is born.

    I need to go to the inn, too.

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    Thank you so much for the James pdf. I converted it to Word and left off the date since I don’t know when I can get to the James study. I commend you for memorizing Colossians! I only made it to the Colossians 1:20. My 11 year old needed a 4 minute speech and I suggested Colossians 1. He memorized it in 10 days. Oh to be young again. 🙂 I’m going back to finish Colossians. By God’s grace He may put me in the James study, too and by then I’d be ready with my cards. Thanks to you!

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    Thank you for your generosity…I think memorizing James is a great idea…not doing a Bible Study (other than what is going on with Homeschooling)…I thought Sermon on the Mount with Ann would be nice too – I wonder if I can manage both?! It might depend on how much the tweener can handle!

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    Saw you in the comment at Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus. Glad I stopped by. It’s not quite as long, but my son was 2 years old before I learned he had an allergy to cow’s milk, which had caused all his digestive problems. I felt so incapable, like I had spent two years hurting my child when I should have known better.

    My ladies’ group is also doing the Beth study. We’re miles apart, but digging in James together. 🙂

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    There are so many things I would do differently…there are things that I didn’t see when my son was in middle school – painful bullying and terribly loneliness. Not the same as what you’re going through…I’ll be praying for your son’s vision. Doctor’s know a lot, but they don’t know everything, and they rarely allow room for God to work! Thanks also for the James verses – I’m doing the Beth Moore James study as well!

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    Thank you!!
    I am leading a group of ladies through Beth Moore’s James study … starting in a few weeks. I’m going to send them the link and let’s all get a head start!! :o)
    I so appreciate you going to the effort to make the cards. For yourself and then sharing them! :o)
    And the PDF worked great on my Apple … just FYI.

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    Our Eldership started the New Year preaching from the book of James. There is such great teaching in it! I am currently memorizing in Colossians…not the whole book but 37 verses in it. Your post was a blessing!

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for the James scripture memory cards! I have already memorized James 1 with Beth’s encouragement but really needed a better method. God used you to help me find it! Blessings to you!

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    I will be leading my classes through James (with Beth) in the fall. Thanks for doing this. It encourages me to start memorizing now.

    God’s word is life to me but I have to admit, I have struggled to memorize especially long passages.

    My best friend just went through something similar with her son. She found out when he was 15 that he can’t see out of one eye. He is an amazing athlete. God has been so good to help him compensate–still the QB and the point guard 🙂

    She struggled that she didn’t know—and how they missed it at school eye tests??? He admitted peeking over with his other eye so he could pass the tests, but in elementary school?? Nothing has changed for my friend except the knowing and needing to trust God with what has come to light. God has His reasons for revealing the hidden things.

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    My heart aches for you, Laura.

    My three year old has eye inflammation with her Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, so her future vision is in question. Only time will tell how often the inflammation will recur. It tends to flare like the arthritis and they treat it with steroid drops, but of course the side effects from those cause vision problems too. The eye involvement worries me far more than the arthritis. Vision seems so crucial.

    My husband had double vision as a child and his parents said yes to a risky surgery to try to improve it. It made it worse and now one eye kicks out to the side and isn’t used at all, giving him no depth perception. He hasn’t had any more car wrecks than the average person and he parallel parks far better than I do. The brain does amazing things to compensate and so does our Father. His power is made perfect through these problems that we mothers agonize over.

    I try to remember that when anxiety surfaces about Anna’s eyes. It’s just another way she’ll bring glory to God in her life. And amen for that!

    I will pray for your son when I pray for her eyes. Love you.

  26. says

    My dear sister, I hear your hurting heart and relate from past experiences with my two girls. You ARE a good mom…shows all over your website! You have tended to the most critical need your son has had or ever will have–spiritual development. Now he can REALLY see! Whatever the outcome, it’s more about God’s plan than anything. He WILL be lifted up and glorified. Praise the Father for equipping eyes to compensate… He is Good! I will pray for the complete healing of your son’s eye.
    Thanks SO much for your online ministry. Through it, God has challenged my commitment. My plan is to begin now to memorize James.
    God bless!

  27. says

    I’m here with you!

    A year ago this time we had testing for our sweet homeschooled daughter at the nearby public school because I wanted to find out what kind of dyslexic she was and which spelling program would work. The eye exam just showed she was 20/20 but I asked about farsightedness. Nurse wasn’t supposed to test, but she did a simple tracking (follow the pencil’s eraser as I move it past your eyes and up and down) and there were some odd glitches so I followed up with a Vision Therapist and she had a lot of issues to work through. I was kicking myself that she was 10 and I didn’t know! But God is gracious.

    This year is much better, and guess what, for school we started memorizing James. We just finished chapter 2 this week! Along about the end of November it occurred to me to see if someone had a sermon series on James and I discovered Beth Moore’s study, and that I can buy each session online. So we watch them together for encouragement. Ravinia’s 11 now, and the memorization of James has led to good talks and rich growth. She reviews every night before falling asleep and every morning when she exercises before getting out of bed. That’s a good routine!

  28. says

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for posting the James cards. I found your blog through Ann Voskamp’s but that was the first time I had seen her blog, as well. I was really excited to see that there were others who had been memorizing Colossians last year. I did mine as part of the memorization program on the LPM blog. This year I was at loose ends about what or if to memorize, but when I saw that you did Colossians last year and now are doing James – that gave me the impetus to start with James. So I started last week – a bit late, but am nearly caught up, so hope to keep going! Thanks!!

  29. says

    Laura I love the idea of the cards in a notebook and memorizing them. I received the James study for Christmas and am anxious to start. I’m finishing a Beautiful Offering currently by Angela Thomas.
    The verse being HIDDEN in CHRIST blessed me so much today.
    I wanted to share with you that our youngest son had an eye accident when he was 8. We were visiting friends, and he and his brother picked up cane poles out back and and were playing swords with them. One of the poles broke and a piece of cane flew up and sliced his eyeball wide open. It was awful. We spent all night with him in surgery in Little Rock, and two more surgeries after that. They saved his eye but he got a cataract from the trauma and is blind in that eye. He’s now 25 … and is a welder. 😉 Of all things a welder! I’m a mother who prays for her sons eyes too and for God to protect him, and help him see EVERYthing. Much love today! 🙂

  30. says

    Dear Laura – I haven’t been by for a while, haven’t been blogging for a while. Felt like God told me to take a break….
    But I found this post – I too am in the James study. We have a week and a half left. I took up the challenge to memorize the book. I am doing it Beth’s way, but not kicking myself if I get behind. Just keep on adding the verses. Starting into chapter two. Amazing though how the things I have been memorizing pop up and into my head when I need them.

    Love you and love being back here again to read your words!

  31. says

    Thank you for your post. I found you through Ann’s website. My group of ladies just finished James. Several of us committed to memorizing the book… with one dear sister who memorized all 5 chapters before the study ended. She spoke it straight through at our celebration dinner and you would just see the glory of God fall on her as she spoke His word. it is something i will never forget.



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