Playdates with God: The First Days

They have been wrapped in the warm cocoon of the first days, basking in that glow of holding a piece of living, wiggling love in their arms. That we would be invited—even welcome–into such a place is a wonder, so we took our arms and legs and world-soiled self into that sanctuary of love.
Just to hold a baby.
I’d had a long morning with my own babies—taller than I now—but I felt that pull as soon as I walked through the door: the slow of the first days. She welcomed us with open arms and beaming smile and I felt my heart pace with hers; slow in time to this peace that knows these are the important things.
She placed him in our arms—entrusted us with this piece of her heart beating outside of her body. And we exclaimed over petite nose, silken hair, long fingers. I had to look at his tiny feet—run my finger along the sole of it.
And something about his sleeping peace opened us up and we remembered. We shared the stories of our own first days, as women do, and love was thick as we breathed it in and out and whispered it into the air around us.
He slept the entire time, and our love made a bed that cradled him soft—spoke a secret lullaby.

I studied each curve of his face, drank in his little dream sounds and I remembered this:
Some scientists calculate that humans create 1.8 million synapses per second from their second month in utero to their second birthday. The brain makes synapses to store information. Each thing we know is embodied in a network of neural connections.* (David Brooks in The Social Animal)
I looked at sleepy eyes and wondered what is going on inside that beautiful brain of yours? He—storing up knowledge while we sit and remember and spread thick love all over him.
We fall in love and I hear a tiny whisper as I tuck that baby back in his mother’s arms: I am here. I am here in the first days. I am here…always.
How do you embrace the God-joy? Every Monday I’ll be sharing one of my Playdates with God. I would love to hear about yours. It can be anything: outside, quiet time. Maybe it’s solitary. Maybe it’s loud and crowded. Just find Him. Be with Him. And come tell us about it.
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    Love these pictures. I got to hold a sweet baby girl yesterday in the ER while her mom, my friend, was checked in after a car wreck. Both mom and baby were fine, thank God. Getting to hold that precious life, unharmed, was such a blessed hour of gratefulness for me.

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    Got the news last night that a new baby is on the way in our family 🙂 Just over a year ago we were blessed with our first grandchild, as I read this post my heart was filled with anticipation. Those first days pass so quickly but they are cherished.

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    There’s nothing like it, is there….the coming alongside new parents, new life?

    Such a joy to be entrusted with that brand new being.

    Thanks for taking us along, Laura.

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    I remember those first days so well and the thick love you wrote about, the spreadable kind (I love that!) On days that were difficult in later years, I used to sneak in and watch my growing babies sleeping–it always took me back to that first days love, kind of like a reset button on my patience and endurance. Just beautiful Laura!

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    Well thanks for giving me a good cry this morning! My baby boy turns nineteen on Wednesday. Thank you for reminding me that it’s good to remember those days of breathing in the new.

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    Smiling big. I’ve not experienced this yet with a child of my own, but hope to this year, God willing. A good friend of mine welcomed her little miracle last week and I could’ve held and looked at him for hours.

    Thanks for this sweet moment today. 🙂

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    This was so beautiful and made me anticipate the day when I will be a grandmother and hold such sweetness, feeling that rush of powerful, indescribable love once again.

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    You are aquiring (or re-freshing) so-o-o many memories for your synapses to hold on to and keep on remembering the things that bless you. No one can take away from you the treasures you have stored in your beauty-box of God’s delights given freely to his children.

    Be blessed today, Laura. May many kindnesses and grace-notes come your way.

    Love ya.

    My link is up now.

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    Even in the womb they say a baby knows his mothers voice. Singing Christian choruses and hymns to your child – – implants into their being that Jesus Loves them. I do trust that this child will grow up to love God and be a blessing to his parents and friends.

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    Oh, you took me back almost fifteen years to the first time I held all that goodness! The tiny toes and fingers. And I always made up stories about what they were thinking while they slept, even then.

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    There is nothing else quite like this, is there? Those early days of euphoria and wild hormones, the tenderness of tiny feet and sweet, shallow breathing. Thanks for this reminder – and these glorious photos.

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    I could feel the weight of that sweet bundle in my own arms. Precious beyond word. “How sweet to hold a new born baby, and feel the love and joy he brings…this child can face uncertain days — because He lives!”

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