Stepping out of the Frame

I live in a small world.
I grew up in a small town, attended a small college, work a small job, have a small family, and I keep small boundaries. But when a small world collides with big dreams…somebody has to change perspective.
2011 was the year my small world came alive with wonder. God started something new. First, He invited me to start looking at the world through the lens of play…and then He invited me to do the same with exercise! 
It all started with a birthday present. My husband surprised me with an iPhone for my 42nd birthday. And then a friend–knowing I am a runner–suggested I try the RunKeeper app. I started taking my phone with me on every run—keeping track of my mileage and pace.
Then one evening in July I saw this:
And I had to stop and take a picture. When I returned home, I shared the photo with my Facebook friends. Soon, every time I was out running, a little piece of beauty caught my eye. I would quickly snap a shot of it and share it on Facebook later. It didn’t take long until I began to actively look for beauty on my running route. Things I had run past every day before suddenly looked different to me.

I began to see beauty everywhere.
It changed everything.
I used the RunKeeper GPS to explore new routes, scouring my little valley home for new and interesting sights. I couldn’t wait to get out and hit the road.
I was excited to get out there and run. It became a great beauty hunt. With new treasure each day.
As I stood on the doorstep of 2012, my heart began to wonder–how can I share this wonderful treasure? I wish I had the words to describe how this simple exercising of my beauty finding muscles has revitalized the exercising of my body. I asked my friend Melanie, how can we encourage others to live healthier this year? How can we encourage each other?

I admire Melanie’s commitment to healthy living. She inspires me every day. Together, we decided that we would like to invite you to join us in to this great beauty hunt. Do you have a cell phone? Would you capture a bit of the beauty in your world and share it with us on our Facebook page? It’s not about traffic, or the number of “likes” we get. It’s about you. About living your best life. About seeing God’s beauty in the place He has planted you. You don’t have to be a runner, but our hope is that this beauty hunt will get you out there—walking, cycling, skating…just moving!

And then visit us at [un] framed on Facebook and share what you find with us. Let’s encourage each other to be healthier this year. Let’s step out of the frame of the small world into the life of wonder. Let’s live a life [un]framed.
With my sweet friend Jennifer today: 

and with the amazing Emily:


  1. says

    I don’t run (my parts would end up in pieces on the ground 😉 But this practice of stopping, looking — I use it when I’m on the road for work. Particularly after a appraising a difficult loss where there is significant devastation, I look for something, anything, on the way home. And you’ll find me walking the ditch or pulling off the highway on some dirt road, snapping a few photos. I call it Roadside Therapy. You folks are doing some beautiful work on your runs/walks. Enjoying the new page.

  2. says

    I always love seeing your photos! Someday I might get a phone with a camera and join in the fun, but for now I adore getting to see the beauty you find. Thanks:)

  3. says

    I love this! What lovely pictures! What a great idea!

    When I am out running, I see things I wish I could capture. But I love your quest to find beauty everywhere– no matter what. I need to figure out how to bring my camera when I’m able to go out running again. (I’m currently rehabbing…but I’ll get theree again and my camera will need to go with me.)

  4. says

    FEAR – that’s me to set up my new camera phone and transfer my account to it. Then I see your boldness to launch out and seek beauty where ever you find it.
    I am reminded to do what I should do. . . Maybe tomorrow 🙂

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    i LOVE this,. i am a runner too. unfortunately i don’t have a cell phone (well, i do, but it’s ancient, and can’t take photos). however, i will join you in the hunt for beauty, lovely laura. xo

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    Love this post…and your gorgeous pics… unfortunately I’m not on FB and don’t have a phone to take some of my own. But this is similar to a topic the Lord led me to for my blog recently… looking for wonder in our every day. And how I want to paint “word pictures” about those “wonder moments.” It amazes me how God seems to be speaking similar words to so many of us right now 🙂

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