Wise Men Still Do

“I know everything that’s ever happened because I finished reading my history book today in class.”
We are on our evening walk when he says it, and he looks at me out of the corner of his eye—crooked grin.
“Oh, you do, do you? Everything up until this very minute?
“Well…it was a world history book, so only the things world-worthy.
Today is Epiphany and as we walk I wonder about the things that have happened that are “world-worthy”.  The things not in the history books. Just the one. The Book.
Does he really know?
Today I gather up the three wandering Magi and tuck the Nativity set back up in the attic. Today we remember the journey these Gentile travelers risked to find the Christ.
But do we really know?
Because it’s not in the history books how they followed that star; how it was the Star in their hearts that kept urging them on. They didn’t know where they were going, how long it would take, or what they would find.
They traveled in the dark.
Today we remember. But do we really forget? Do we forget that tugging at our hearts that keeps us wander closer, closer, closer still?
Today, as I box up the last of Christmas…I know. The most world-worthy thing is not in the history books.
But it’s written in our hearts.
Follow The Star with me? Wise men and women still do. It’s a lifelong journey and the journey of a lifetime.


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    You’re right, we don’t forget. I could be a lot better on my remembering though…I don’t want remembering to be merely a habit, a given, but something I give full attention to each day. You’re helping me to do this. Thank you.

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    Your son’s comment made me chuckle because it sounds like something my daughter has said in the past : ) Your post was what I needed today…I think of the wise men going on a journey, that had no definable end-location, or timeline and yet they were impelled…Thank you, Laura, for sharing your journey… so appreciate you!

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    We too are on a journey, following Jesus and we also know where we will finally reach our destination.
    The stars shine bright and light our way. The darkness does not hold us for we have the light of the world showing us where our feet should trod.

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