Let them Eat Cake and a Valentine’s Gift

After I read this study yesterday, guess what I had for breakfast this morning? That’s right. Go ahead. Seems that having something sweet in the morning may help suppress similar cravings throughout the day. Who knew? Seems an appropriate way to start this sweetest of days.
And speaking of temptation, how is your memorization going? I printed up this week’s memory verse on a carrying card with the image of my Valentine’s sweet on the background because there is nothing sweeter than a love letter from the Lord. You are welcome to indulge in this sweet too, just click here to download
The sweetest of all days to you, my friends!


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    This is a fun idea! Wish I would have known about it when the kids were younger…I can’t get my college aged children to sit down for breakfast…even though I tell them that it’s the most important meal of the day! 😀

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    The cake looks yummy. Think I will take the study advice to heart and have something sweet for breakfast.

    Still in Colossians trying to memorize. My spirit is willing, just have this weak flesh to deal with. Good job with your memorization work!


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