Playdates with God: Hunger

I left hungry.
I was up early to finish the book club article, but between checking out of the hotel and Lectio Divina…there isn’t time for breakfast. In Marcus’ workshop, Nancy tries to give me a trail mix bar, but I am thinking about yogurt so I decline. But then there is morning worship and the last two speakers and time to say goodbye comes too soon. I drive out of Pittsburgh at 12:45 p.m. with a hunger that food will not fill.
It’s always this way after the mountain top, this I know, but at Jubilee I worship and learn with over 2000 college students and the energy along those corridors and in those rooms is a living thing. I am reminded what it is to be young and have your entire life before you. It doesn’t make me feel old—it makes me want to live deeper and when I feel a pang of regret—only once—I remember what my spiritual director said just last week about God’s timing always being perfect. After all, I have more life before me too.
So I drive down I-79 with this aching hunger keeping me company and my Lord and I—we feast. All of the little pieces of heaven that were sprinkled down over the weekend flood the space of my minivan and it’s not until four hours later when I pull in my driveway that I remember I am hungry.
And then the fullness of family grips me and wraps me in its warm embrace. And going away is all the sweeter for the coming home.
How this fills. How this fills…
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  1. says

    “It doesn’t make me feel old—it makes me want to live deeper”

    “God’s timing always being perfect.”

    Leaning heavily here, Laura. Trusting that God knows what he’s doing, and he’s always working to fill me deeper.

    Thank you for this blessing today.

  2. says

    One thing I miss about living in Waco is that it’s a college town, and the college-age Christians are SO excited about God and his kingdom. I’m sure Jubilee is like that, only more concentrated because it’s a once-a-year event.

    And I love how you are always hungry for God, Laura.

  3. says

    I cannot imagine going that long without mouth food. I would’ve eaten the plastic off the center console. Or at least left teeth marks on it. 😉

    (Happy for your time well-spent in His presence.)


  4. says

    “So I drive down I-79 with this aching hunger keeping me company and my Lord and I—we feast.”

    I love it! I, too, do some of my best feasting while driving alone.

    “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

    Thanks for sharing, Laura!

  5. says

    Reading this fills as well. Thank you. Blessings for a beautiful week. (I have my first time with a spiritual director planned for tomorrow:)

  6. says

    This is so beautiful, Laura! Taste and see that the Lord is good! He always fills us with what we need, when we need it. Life is but a vapor even for young people, but all those who know Him will spend eternity in His glorious presence.

  7. says

    Actually, I DO feel old when I hear about young people doing great and mighty things for God, and honoring him first of all. I think about what I’ve not done. Regrets. But I can say that I did the best I knew how, day by day. And I certainly want to take the attitude that I “want to live deeper”.

    So glad you got to go to the retreat. And that you were filled up with the Spirit. May the infilling, and consequent outpouring, go on and on and on.

    I love your night streetscape! Did you take that picture?

    Be blessed today and every day, Laura. What a special person you are!

  8. says

    Thanks, Laura, for the reminder that “God’s timing” is always perfect…rejoicing with you how God met you in your mini-van and at the conference…praying that He continues to fill you with His presence…grateful for how you share His life here 🙂

  9. says

    Oh, so wonderful that I can picture you just there. Where I was four or five times…I forget. But I remember singing the Amos verse about ‘justice rolling down like mighty waters’ and ‘woop woop’ing to the song I can’t remember and crazy love & joy in Him. There are things yet to be fulfilled that God gave me a heart for there and so much left for both of us to live:} I keep telling myself this when I hear a niggling voice say I’m too old to move overseas now or have another child…so here’s to always and ever THE BEST YET TO BE!

  10. says

    I love this, Laura. Funny, isn’t it, how we live in a land of such abundance that even when we’re hungry we can decline an offer of food, because we prefer something different?

    The feast you shared sounds so satisfying.

  11. says

    I’m such a mom–I feel awful that you drove all the way home without having had something to eat! But. I know what you mean about all the rest of it. I’m going to be mulling all the Jubilee goodness for days to come. A huge part of that goodness was sitting across the table from you! Hugs.

  12. says

    I remember that kind of feast and the way the miles fly. Thanks be to God for giving it to you at this time.

    You and your Teddy were in my prayers yesterday and today. Grace, guidance, peace, and healing to you in Jesus.

  13. says

    Laura, I could really identify with this post….but I have a question… mentioned your spiritual director— what exactly is that and is it someone you meet with one on one?…..I would love one…..Blessings, Cate

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