A New Song

The last piece of business in our morning meeting I remind the team that it’s the first day of spring. They asked for announcements and I can tell by the heaviness in the way they breathe that they just don’t know.
Spring is here.
Some are already leaving—slipping out the door to see that first patient—but I say it anyway. I let the words drop among the sound of chairs scraping floor and paper shuffling.
So tuck a new song in your heart, I whisper, touching the tips of fingers to my own. Eyebrows raise and so do the corners of lips and the air gets lighter and spring blows soft through the room.
Not everyone hears but the ones who do already flush with the new and they tease as they head out into the busy.
Sing us a song,they say and I laugh my way back to my office.
Can they hear it? This one in mine?
A couple hours later the song goes quiet and another therapist is keeping the patient I need to see and I stand in the hall with my list.
Just fifteen more minutes, he says.
A glimpse of gold catches my eye.
I’ll be on the patio, I say.
I sit in the sun on this first day of spring and my shadow lays flat on the concrete. There are two bumblebees darting in and out of the raised bed gardens and I close my eyes to their gentle hum. It’s the song, come back to me.
When the patient comes, we talk about dreams—about how they change and sometimes that’s good and we imagine what it looks like to dream from a wheelchair. Not too much different, we decide.
Everything changes, that dear heart says. Then we talk about the One who never does. And I tell about the new song—about the making new and how it can hurt.
And I think how brave the flower is to open to the light, to risk the soft womb of folded petals. Those bumblebees dart among and above us, doing whatever it is they do. And I give honor to the bravery of that round face lifted to the sun…here on the first day of spring.


This week’s memory verse:

with the amazing Jen:

and dear Michelle too:


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    Oh my, you take us to the thin places Laura, because I think perhaps you live there. Lovely, just lovely. And I LOVE that photo. And I am wondering now what you do. I thought you were a writer and now this whole new world opens up about you.

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    Laura, coming to The Wellspring is always so refreshing and renewing for my soul. You have such a beautiful gift for writing and touching others where their need lies. Love your stories from the workplace.

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    Laura, thank you for sharing this. I’d forgotten today was the first day of spring. If your patient in a wheelchair can believe that change is sometimes good, and God is always good, how wonderful!

    May you be richly blessed.

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    I’ve got “God bumps” as I read your post as I just finished my post for tomorrow…your post is beautiful and your words resonate…thanks for how you love at work and here…thanks for sharing this beautiful song…grateful for you, Laura 🙂

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    My musician boy and I just had a conversation about the healing power of music. We talked about how cold and hard the world would be without art, music, and color. Guess we could have included bumblebees in the conversation.

    “Tuck a new song in your heart.” Love this.

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    Haven’t thought of it as bravery, this lifting of face and heart to Heaven…but it is that also. Not only breaking and yielding, but brave enough to believe in The GOD of Hope and renewal.

    Thank you Laura, for fresh perspective and the link to a beautiful new song!

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    “And I think how brave the flower is to open to the light, to risk the soft womb of folded petals.” What beautiful imagery. How often have I remained closed tight, afraid of the light, afraid of allowing my inner thoughts and feelings to be seen and heard.

    I’m going through Beth Moore’s study on James: Mercy Triumphs right now, and I’m loving it. I just wrote about it too. And I’ve accepted the challenge to memorize the whole book. Are you doing this study too?

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    Lovely post, and such a lovely blog 🙂 I find that the smallest moments at work are almost always the biggest opportunities for a silent prayer, a blessing. I’d love to have you join my blog hop with this post … it is inspiring!
    Paula at Welcoming Spirit

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    Spring is so fast! I went yesterday to take a picture of some flowering peach trees I’d seen the week before, and all the pink blossoms were gone. Now the trees are all green leaves.

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