Laura, and Emily and Kelly (Oh, My!): A Fun Giveaway

It’s a long distance from the feet-firmly-on-the-ground kind of planting of my childhood to this numinous world of words that I chase after today. It hasn’t been the straight kind of going either—no map that fits in the hand. One reason for this is that the dot is always moving, constantly growing and changing. Two guides I’ve had along the way are Laura L. Barkat and Emily Wierenga. And when these two ladies combined their talents at T.S. Poetry? Beauty breaks out of that beleaguered box and spills out into the stuff of life in amazing ways.
So, when I heard that T.S. Poetry had started an online store that featured some of Emily’s artwork…I couldn’t wait to invest in some merchandise! I recently purchased two mugs from the Emily collection to gift to some of my poetry friends. And you know the funny thing? The day I received the mugs in the mail, T.S. Poetry posted this fun little contest on Facebook. Here’s the scoop, in a nutshell (taken from Facebook):

We’d Love Your Mug Shot

Yes. If you take a cool picture of yourself reflected in (or overshadowing) one of our beautiful TSPoetry mugs (or a mug of your own), we’ll post your picture and a link to you.

Post entries accepted through March 31st. 

Top entry will receive a poem–written just for you by a published author.

Doesn’t that sound fun? So here’s my entry:

Can you see me in there? No, really. There’s a picture of me in there somewhere. Honest. This is the MotherChild mug that features one of Emily’s paintings and it is just gorgeous. I’d like to give you a little more motivation to play along with this fun little game. (Read more about it here.) If you post on the T.S.Poetry self-portrait project and just happen to win the custom poem, then I will spring for:

1. the poem (written just for you) that you win–on a mug with a gorgeous photo from  Kelly Sauer photography, OR
2. a poem of your own, put on a mug with choice of  Kelly Sauer photo (photo options to come 🙂

Just what do you think of that? Come join the fun, win a poem, win a mug, and be happy. Beauty helps.


  1. Anonymous says

    I probably won’t be playing along but would one day love to see that poem we spoke of this morning on a mug. Of course the bird would have to be blue. *hee*


  2. says

    Funny thing is that earlier this week I snapped a reflection of myself in the living room window; it was cool because the mountains were in the background, the mess of the house in the foreground, and I was somewhere in the midst of it all. AND I took some blue mug shots yesterday morn, but alas! none of it goes together.

    You know, this is how we first met all those years ago… through a contest on your site. 😉


  3. says

    On the TS Poetry FAcebook page would be best, Susan. If you click the link in the post it will take you there :). I can’t wait to see your entry.

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