Playdates with God: A Snow Baptism

On Sunday we drive home from church and I notice the hyacinth bulbs are blooming. They are blushing locks of lavender and fuchsia under the pear tree—which is budding out with its own white fingertips.
That morning we celebrated the baptism of baby Luke and I stood with misty eyes to make my promise to him and his mamma and daddy who I love so much. And I think these colorful bulbs must be the earth’s way of promising too—speaking joy over the day.
So I am not surprised when we awaken this morning to a heavy blanket of white—those whispers of color sealed in woolen trappings. And for a minute I worry about the Pussy Willow tree that had just started to bloom and those tender buds on the plum. It’s not going to be a very pretty spring, I think to myself as I stand at the window. But then school is delayed two hours and my boys don’t even bat an eye when I put on my big black boots over my PJs and pull the old blue robe tight around me.
And the meadow shimmers in her new dress and Mr. Cardinal flashes red against a snow covered branch and I think about the Pastors’ hands on that baby’s head, how the water covered him and claimed him.
And I know this white crocheted over everything I see…this white is a promise.
He makes all things new. Oh, glory. He makes all things new.
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    Wow…we’ve had such a mild winter for here yet we still don’t have anything blooming. What a beautiful contrast from one day to the next. God’s surprises… Hope your day is grand!

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    Every year I think a late winter snow is going to kill all the lovely spring flowers which dared to poke their heads above the ground, and every year I’m wrong. Maybe God knew what He was doing in creating hardy spring flowers?

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    Every season comes with it’s own beauty…and the hope of spring is the most beautiful of all…it seems we are to experience this hope many times over this year.

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    Beautiful words sharing truth that is like new fallen snow to me today. You have a way of transporting me somewhere lovely every time. We have blooms all over, spring has come early and I have the same thought you do. Hoping winter doesn’t zap the beauty.

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    Thank you. For today, I am in need of ‘all things new’. Winter has been wearing on me and you reminded me of the promise of Spring. Bless you!

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    Those first bits of life and color poking through; really liked your phrase of “color sealed in woolen trappings”… such a picture of hope and new life…glorious…thanks, my friend 🙂

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    I hope your beauty-buds survive the snow, and that your inner-beauty-buds bloom in a spiritual spring amidst the sometimes cold winter of daily life and routine.

    I love you, my friend.

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    Laura – I feel worried for the little buds and blooms, too. But there’s something built into creation that balances and bends and survives. I think Jesus created us with the same sense – there’s life in us that just keeps on living.

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    I always cry when my babies are baptized — it’s such a visual reminder for me of God’s love – for me, and for my new additions. It’s also a reminder that my children are on loan to me from God – to raise back up to Him.

    Love the picture with you in your snow boots!!!

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    this is pure poetry and the reminder of His cleansing ‘white as snow’:}

    where would any of us be without such a hope!!??

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    Cardinals against the snow are a favorite, and so is white, white, white. Maybe because it’s a promise.

    Love your words, “And I know this white crocheted over everything I see…this white is a promise.” crocheted~especially nice to consider.

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    Look at this community growing by leaps and bounds — so glad for that, Laura!

    Isn’t there something so hopeful about the white hush of snow…even in spring?

    We have crocus in bloom here…the first hint.

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    thank you so much for visiting and for you very kind words–you made me blush just a bit. really –you are a sweetheart. i loved this piece–the way you called all the trees and blossoms by name, described the white snow, the red cardinal, pops of color, it’s all so vivid, and i can *see* it in my mind’s eye–you are a gifted writer. beautiful–white promise giving over to spring and new life, baby going down into water–just beautiful. blessings!

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    Where I live, we’ve had virtually no winter at all. And I’m bummed. It means this summer is gonna’ be a hot one.

    I love your sweet anticipation of the baptism. So beautiful.

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