It rains the evening of my birthday and I run out to the back yard in my bare feet with an umbrella and a camera. It is the way the sun is loving the day goodbye—all amber and shine…leaving wet kisses on budding tree branches and garbing the forsythia with studded diamonds. I have to step out in it; I have to gather up these gifts somehow. I would shed the umbrella and dance a rain-soaked waltz if I wasn’t holding that precious picture box.
So I just try. 
I try to catch the warm glow of love the day has given me. It is right here before me, let down by the Father’s hand but somehow… somehow it won’t be captured.
So I just look intently…notice how each droplet clings. How each petal shimmers. How the sky is on fire. And, yes, I think…how I read Him here. How the earth crescendos at the end of this day with His glory.
This watering…this Light…
How it grows the seed that is planted inside.

This week’s memory verse:

To upload the memory card of James 1:25-26.

with the amazing Jen:

and dear Michelle too:


  1. says

    I am finding myself in love with the light lately. Trying to capture it the way I see it so beautiful and can’t quite do it. Spent the afternoon chasing it and found myself smiling inside and out. Happy Birthday Laura. Your life is truly a blessing. The photo and your words, a gift of thanks.

  2. says

    Me, too, Laura, me too. One morning last week after a night rain, I woke up to the most amazing sun on rain-soaked branches. I grabbed my camera and ran into the backyard to snap droplets on bare branches, but the camera just could not do God’s glory justice.

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. Happy Birthday, sweet friend, your words and life are a gift…I hope I get to meet you in person one day…a big birthday HUG to you 🙂

  4. says

    Love the picture…counting has opened my eyes too…I am capture 1000 gifts with my camera. I love droplets…
    Have a happy, happy birthday…blessings~

  5. says

    I bought my first “picture box” on Monday because I’m taking a press trip to Northern Ireland next month. Pictures are hard for me. Lots of pain there. But people like you are helping me see another way. I need a blessing over my new point-and-shoot.

  6. says

    Even if you felt like you couldn’t capture it, you captured Him in your heart and captured me as well. Your post makes me want to go curl up with my Bible and spend time with Him.

  7. Anonymous says

    Happy Birthday, Laura!

    There is a way about a woman who spends significant time with Jesus that I find so attractive.

    I think in some measure it’s the lack of possessiveness … a loosening of her heart’s grip on things and people … an ever increasing willingness to be open-handed in this world.

    The art of looking and of noticing without trespass. The eyes were made for this.


  8. says

    Happy Belated birthday, Laura! I know just what you mean… I tried to write about a day like this recently on my blog too… capturing the diamonds on my windowpane in words, knowing the camera would never quite catch it. But it’s enough that the Lord captures our hearts with his beauty in those simple moments! 🙂

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