Playdates with God: Calendar Days

We live by the calendar but when the calendar says it’s time to take a break we find it hard to put the brake on a runaway life. We are too important, too necessary, and there is too much work to do. We fool ourselves into thinking this world cannot spin without this stuff we do and we put our faith in our own hands.
So when spring break rolls around, I go to work as usual…leave my boys sleeping before the sun comes up. But before I go, I slip into each room and look at their faces in the dim light of day beginning. I feel the same thing I felt when they were babes—love like a wave, the peace and fear of knowing that wherever they are…this is where my heart will be.
If Sabbath is a way of life, why am I not rested? Why do I miss the holy that the calendar carries in arms covered with numbers and days and weeks and years?
Eugene Peterson says we live in a society that is so ignorant of the work of God that the work of man has inflated importance.
It takes more faith to let go but I do. I take the time and we spend a few days of Sabbath together.
We sleep in. And go for long drives along sun-soaked meadows. We wave at cows out the window.

We grab a history lesson and let old things tangle up our roots and plant us deep.

at the WV History Museum
Still at the museum–can you see us reflected in the glass of that old framed flag?

We hold babies and hug cousins and visit long with family we don’t get to see every day.

With the country cousins
We stop and smell the flowers.
In front of the Capitol Complex

There is still work to do but when it is done with a Sabbath heart…it feels less like work and more like love.
Noticing this…this is the gift that slowing gave this week—the gift of this Sabbath life that beaks out of the box of calendar days. 
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    There is still work to do but when it is done with a Sabbathheart…it feels less like work and more like love. I just love this…to do all for Love…amen. blessings~

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    Oh, Laura, I so get this. I am trying to do better at keeping the Sabbath, not because of the letter of the law, but because of His love in my heart. It grows best when rested. Thanks for sharing this part of journey. It helps me.

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    My kids greatest request for spring break: to sleep in until they wake up naturally and stay home. My daughter spent one day wrapped up in the blanket from her bed out on the quiet porch watching a series on her Kindle. She smiled a lot last week and then back to school this morning. They weren’t smiling as much. Thankful my kids don’t have to be entertained, know how to rest well. Keeping Sabbath, its a good thing.

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    Your having a Sabbath heart resonated with me. We’re coming off a time of fasting, yet I want to keep that fasting attitude and the lessons God showed me. I am on a journey. Thank you for your wise words of encouragement to me this morning.
    Hugs, Michelle

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    I try to take more Sabbaths. However, even when the body is resting the mind seems to be working time. It is harder to still the mind than still the body. I have to admit though, when I take my camera with me, it helps me stop and just look for beauty.

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    Loved your pictures, your words and that you got to rest…great Eugene Peterson quote…practicing Sabbath is to be counter-cultural, yes? Blessings, Laura 🙂

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    I am starting all over again! Learning Sabbath days and play days seem wrapped around one another, in some aspects. I need and want them both! Thanks for your wisdom and sharing others.

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    What a gift to find a kindred spirit who knows the gift of Sabbath our Father holds out. Thank you for your writing and your integrity in your practice.

    Amazing Peterson quote!

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    I love this…and I love how you said work done with a Sabbath heart feels “less like work and more like love.” Soooo good! Thank you 🙂

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    Leaning into this Sabbath life–why do we make it so hard?

    I love waving at cows. And letting old things tangle our roots and plant us deep–I love seeing you all in that flag.

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    A saying I read says: “Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. Don’t forget to smell the flowers.”

    Also, Henri J. M. Nouwen says, “Life is not a possession to be defended but a gift to be shared.”

    I’m glad you got to share your desire for a leisurely Sabbath with your family. And that you got some time to enjoy little things — and rest, in Him.

    May your days all be bright with God’s love and protection.

    “One thing have I desired; that will I seek after: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.” This is my prayer for you today, Laura.

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    Laura, you asked in your post “why am I still tired?” Because you are a mommy! Look at those photos and all the fun things you did with your family. And bless you for taking the time to do that. I always leave the Wellspring feeling uplifted and refreshed. Thank you!

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    Love this, Laura – Sabbath hearts…yes. That’s it, isn’t it? Congrats for taking some time just to dink around with your boys. I truly do believe that dinking around is becoming a lost art, an art of the heart.

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    I so appreciate this reminder to slow down. I have been battling a cold for the past week and have NOT allowed myself much needed rest. Someone your post gave me permission today. thank you.

    wonderful photos too.

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    Love this,Laura. What a beautiful reminder to walk in rhythm with God. I’m reading Eugene Peterson’s book, Run with the horses. It’s about the prophet Jeremiah. I highly recommend it. Blessings to you, sweet sister.

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    Getting together with family and those we don’t often see is rewarding. For us it seems that it often is a wedding (or a funeral) that we all get together. Family reunions are a must especially when your children are growing up. We would hold one at a local park with all the picnic fixings.

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    God has been pulling me back to Sabbath all year.. can’t get over the gifts He hides there in that day we slow down and savor, listen well and learn. Thanks for reminding me why it really does matter. Love spending time here. Your family is beautiful!

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    Sigh. I miss spring break. 🙂 These photos are just right. The gate might be my favorite, but I like them all. What a good gift to give yourself and your children. Thank you for passing it along. May you enter God’s rest wherever you are today.

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    Our family took a much needed break and spent days over Spring break by a river, with no cell phone coverage, no internent, no television. I didn’t know how much I needed the quiet. The slowing has stirred us to want to keep going, even as we have gone back to our working/school schedules. This life is just too beautiful to miss when we rush . . . and He is working in us to stay true to a new rhythm. I am so grateful for His introduction of it to us. Thank you for your beautiful words, Laura.

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    Sabbath Heart. What a perfect phrase of meaning. Beautiful. Also what treasured times you collected here. (hope to link again soon~have missed the blog world!)

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    This was just the lesson God was giving me early this week. That’s why I linked up so late. How utterly refreshing and enlivening and peace-bestowing the drawing aside has been! Yes!
    (And that quote from Eugene Peterson is so true, too. Overinflated. That was a word in my mind Monday: “Overinflated sense of importance…”)

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