Playdates with God: the Long Drive

The sky keeps her secret well and the white skins of the sycamores glisten under the soft yellow-green of unfolding leaves. Tiny yellow blooms lace the floor of the forest out my window and the hills up ahead kiss the dewy softness of the white sky. The rain will come later but this anticipation of it…it awakens all the dry places inside.
We drive.
It’s one of our favorite things—this sitting side-by-side, watching the world go by. Motoring to a new place, an old place—an old-new place—this unravels all the strings that bind. And the feeling of freedom is all the sweeter because we are together.
He puts in some new music and we don’t need to talk…just listen. And I look out the window at the beauty of my Father’s world and try on words in my head. There is no glamour in the long drive, no big places or adrenaline rush moments. Just this…quiet joy.  
And when he takes my hand, twines his fingers around mine…there is no place I would rather be.
How do you embrace the God-joy? Every Monday I’ll be sharing one of my Playdates with God. I would love to hear about yours. It can be anything: outside, quiet time. Maybe it’s solitary. Maybe it’s loud and crowded. Just find Him. Be with Him. Grab my button at the bottom of the page and join us:

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    oh yes…such sweet treasured moments together…no need for words…just unspoken love. makes me want to go driving now:) blessings~

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    Long drives on the weekend are the best. We took an impulsive one last night; not long, just around our favorite part of town with the kids in the back. It had finally stopped raining, and everything was soft and shiny. We rolled down all the windows and everyone enjoyed their own view. It was nice.

    P.S.I’m linking up for the first time today!

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    Laura, this is so lovely. It feels like the blessing the psalm describes as soothing oil, running down, anointing one. Thanking God for this gift you passed on.

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    I just love this, Laura — your not needing to talk, listening to music, sitting side by side and soaking up the beauty of the moment, God’s creation, the joy of being together. Bless you!

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    I just can feel with you, coz I am a romantic person also. But of course the sweetest moment of all is to be together with God our Father and experience HIs presence through HIs creation:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment.

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    Quiet joy in a ride. I want to take a week off from life and just have some quiet joy. Sigh. Not this week. But maybe an hour or two here and there will be enough. God is plenty.

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    I love long drives. Sometimes, we go for country drives just for the fun of it. Whether we have something to talk about or choose to rest in silence, they are always special!

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    We love to do this too, H and I, sometimes alone but sometimes with the kids in the back seat, all of us singing to the music and laughing. Our 22 hour drive to our cottage in Canada every summer provides some treasured memories. You captured those moments well in your words.

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    Oh, love this picture- makes me want to be in a quiet car with my man.. not a reality we enjoy much with five kids, but it’s marvelous to dream!

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    The framing of the car windshield and the passing-by-once of it all reminds me to take life in small bites, at the speed it comes.

    And it’s so much sweeter side by side.

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    Forsythia always reminds me of early spring in Pennsylvania where I grew up. Seeing the blossoms at the far corner of our back yard always prompted a walk around to see what other hopeful signs of new life we could find. Thanks for the beautiful post!

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    Laura, how you quiet my soul with your words…oh what beauty there is to behold when we are just grateful for those quiet moments, not annihilating them with words {like i do too often}…the story i linked…not sure if its considered a playdate of God-joy–but definitely an encounter with God–and my testimony. hope you like it. blessings, friend.

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