How Art Invites the Mystery

I told Patsy one of my favorite verses and she gifted me with some of her lovely art. All the way from the Philippines. 
She said it was a belated birthday gift but I grow younger when I look at it. I keep studying every detail, running my finger over its cool textures. 
It makes me happy. 
Patsy included some of my favorite things in this piece: birds, a tree, the sky…there is even a butterfly. 
On Sunday my pastor preached on Psalm 23. She asked us to hear it as if we were reading it for the first time. And she painted a picture of the shepherd boy alone in the field…day in and day out. How the words he wove rose out of the earth he tended–how the scent of wool and grass and the spread of sky spoke God’s love over him. 
He restores my soul..
I imagine the boy David–awake under a star-strewn sky–filled with wonder at what the Lord has done. 
It reminds me of a word I learned in class this weekend: anamnesis. It’s the Greek word that names the remembering that characterizes the Eucharist. But in a more general sense, it reminds us how–through worship–we do not passively remember God’s deeds…we experience them. We enter into the Paschal mystery through worship.
That’s what Psalm 23 is for me. That’s what Patsy’s painting is too. A remembering now. A being with. An entering in. 
Thank you, Patsy.

Thank you, Jesus.
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Blogging in community with Michelle and Jen today. Love you girls! 


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    Oh, I LOVE that new word— I’ve experienced anamnesis, just never had a name for it. Your gift of art is gorgeous! My daughters who are the artists in our home would delight in your talented friend.

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    How wonderful that you get to experience Patsy’s gorgeous art and your favorite verse and God’s love for you… thanks for sharing, so we can vicariously experience through your words, Laura ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S. It would be a gift to share in person our stories as you said. Thanks for blessing ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Patsy’s art is so precious and personal. Psalms 23 comforts us always. Our stand in Pastor also preached on Psalms 23 and termed it Lost and found. We were lost but Jesus found us.

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    Thank you for introducing Patsy and her art. This was just stunning–as are your words. And you know me, I’m a huge fan of things made in the Philippines. Huge!

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    Patsy’s picture seemed to make my soul breathe lighter and more joyful as I looked at it.

    Thanks for sharing this Laura. Although I am not the artist that Patsy is I often find great comfort and spiritual expression in drawing/sketching God’s word in a way that speaks to me.

    And great application of Psalm 23… a message that restores and uplifts… JUST LIKE PATSY’S picture!!

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