No One Should Be Left Behind

No one should be left behind.
That’s one reason they ride.
They start in Ranch Cucamonga, CA and ride across the country for ten days—picking up members as they go—until they reach the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., where their Run officially ends the Sunday before Memorial Day. It’s called The Run for the Wall and it was started in 1989 by a couple Vietnam Vets who wanted to raise awareness of the thousands of men and women who served our country during times of war who are still unaccounted for.
It is their deepest hope that the ride will help promote healing for those who have issues of loss related to time in service to our country.
What an honor to welcome almost 500 riders to our community this week as they pass through. What a moment when they file in—an endless line of leather and steel—all decked out in red, white, and blue. And when they park their bikes and fan out over the lot, their sense of joined purpose is palpable. Voices charged with joy echo out over all that acreage of parked metal as they greet each other in shared expectation. 
We welcome them with a band and cheers and all that is the ticker-tape. 
Despite all the jubilation–revving motors and cries of recognition–when The Star-Spangled Banner is sung…the only competing sound is the whipping of Old Glory in the wind.
No one should be left behind.
I’m thinking about this as she approaches us—swigging a bottle of water and wrapped in leather and a smile.
“Hi, guys,” she says, as if she hadn’t just ridden hundreds of miles strapped to a piece of metal—as if she is greeting some old friends.
We shift our little circle and welcome her in, ask her where she’s from, queue her about the long ride. She’s done this before—maybe many times—and she makes us comfortable with her ready smile and gentle voice. She is so not what I’d expect from a biker babe.
Her name is Sonia.
Sonia wants us to remember. She rides for the veteran’s, yes…but for a greater rescue too.
Because no one should be left behind.
With my sandy, the


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    Precious. What lovely eyes you use to see the world, Laura. Love, as a worldview, brings Him such glory!

    What a wonderful act of service for all of those brave hearts to speak for those with no voice.

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    Many of them ride by our townhouse, having come from North 495. Tomorrow, they’ll start at noon and end at The Wall around 4:00. Amazing group of people.

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    Laura, thank you. I knew about this ride from Rancho Cucamonga; my husband is a vet. Brought tears to my eyes. But how even more amazing still is our God to bring Believers along the way to be part of all of this.
    I too was thinking about Shavuot–Pentecost–this weekend. Father, touch people with your power and presence.
    Awesome write. Thank you,.

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    I am getting choked up think about those unaccounted for, and then I think about those who are not accounted for in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Perhaps we should have a ride for those yet unsaved.

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    Amen! So much what my husband has had in his heart for many years. He set motorcycling aside… but has never not wanted to do it … for fun and for the Service heart that he has and had. It truly is honorable this time of year to show appreciation to our dear ones.

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