Playdates with God: Domino

There have been too many rushed days, too many jam-packed weekends and crowded moments. And when it happens this way—when the days stack endlessly up against each other—it only takes one tiny push for them to tip over, fall flat against each other and spill messy everywhere.
We’ve had nineteen years together—some better than others—but after all that time that invisible string that ties my heart to his always seems to tug both ways when the domino days start to teeter.
So we go to a place where no one knows our face—duck in and out of crowds holding hands like young lovers and it feels this way…new. And once, in the din of the dinner crowd, to the background music of other people meeting and joining their lives together—once, I look at his face and I see God in him.
Because, aren’t we all His image-bearers?
I have to take a second look; I have to touch this face that I know as well as my own—each evolving crease and the turn of the mouth. In the midst of all that noise I am slowed to see how this man that I have made life with for nineteen years—made a nest with and made love and messes and babies—I am slowed to see how he carries God in his smile.
And the question falls out of nowhere—like a domino that’s been set too close.
Can I see loving my husband as a way of loving Jesus?
For just one moment I am touching Jesus when I touch his face and it takes my breath away and I am not sure how to hold on to this. If I could fill life with domino moments like these—wouldn’t love fall? Wouldn’t it spill a horizontal path out over everything around, weaving and twisting and turning until all the terrain of life is covered?
I touch his face and he looks into me. He feels it too. One touch. One tiny moment spills into another.
A domino cascade of holy moments. 
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    Oh, how I can relate Laura after 10 days of touching that face I love intentionally. I find God anew every time we escape the tug of real life, realize how much we need to take time to see each other the way He does. Lovely post and so glad you had the time to get away and be renewed.

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    happy anniversary, Laura. my wife and I will celebrate our 20th in September. And unfortunately, when she looks into my face, I’m afraid she sees way too many of those “creases.” Hope you had fun holding hands and getting lost in the crowd…and each other. wishing you many more…

  3. says

    “I am slowed to see how he carries God in his smile.”

    Yes. I see loving my husband as a primary way I love God and witness to the world of God’s love.

    Beautiful, Laura. Thanks.

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    Ah, you tell a good story that reflects the One who is love…

    (My man and I have been together since I was 17 and he, married for 18 years of the 23. Thanks for the love God, love people (even our spouses!) reminder.

    I hope you walked outta the store with some posies or chocolate or at least a smooch.


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    “Can I see loving my husband as a way of loving Jesus?”


    “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples…that you have love one for another.”

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time of reconnecting!

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    Oh this is beautiful…If we could stay alive to this truth…seeing the face of God…loving Him in those around us…especially our husbands. Thanks for this…blessings~

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    Yes, may I see Jesus reflected in my husband and may I reflect Him back. What a beautiful description of a marriage centered on Christ. Thanks for this!

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    Absolutely! Loving and respecting our husbands is loving Jesus. The trouble for me comes when I forget that. May we keep that in remembrance even in the domino days. Beautiful post.

  9. says

    Beautiful imagery, Laura. Thanks so much for inspiring us all to love and cherish our spouses as you have demonstrated here. 🙂

  10. says

    Ah Laura – I think you have discovered a beautiful truth. To have eyes that see – see the way He sees. Far too often my eyes are clouded with selfishness. Thank you for this perfect reminder.

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    Oh, Laura. yes — loving our husbands as a way of loving Jesus. Just this morning, I told Craig how I felt he was becoming more protective of me — making me feel so safe. And I think this is Jesus working in him — covering me in ways I didn’t realize I needed to be covered.

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    Oh, to those who want to give up early, don’t give time for love to mature, don’t slip away when the tottering starts…in marriage and in faith. So much truth here.

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    Wow such beauty in your words, and so thought provoking too. If we all were able to see ‘in each other’ the God potential and the God within would we be more kind, more gentle more willing to give in and more patient?
    Happy Anniversary.

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    “I look at his face and I see God in him.

    “Because, aren’t we all His image-bearers?

    “Can I see loving my husband as a way of loving Jesus?”

    Oh, what a dear way to express this!
    Thank you, precious Laura-thoughtful-wordsmith!

    Happy for you that you are loving Jesus today.

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    Yes, seeing Jesus in your mate is a way to Love our God too. This was a precious post. Congratulations on 19 years, some bad and some good – may they all be good from here on out!

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    Oooh, this is beautiful. Maybe one of the most romantic things I’ve ever read. Lovely. Going to look at my husband differently when he comes home . . .

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    Thank you for the reminding words, for the nudge that leaves the dominoes still standing, gentle and kind nudge.
    My husband and I will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary next week. Congratulations on your 19th.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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    LOVE this, Laura. So simply told, like holding your breath as you step into holy space. Thank you for this good reminder to love the one closest to me, to love him for Jesus’ sake – and for his own sake, too.

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