Our power has finally been returned and I am thoroughly appreciating air conditioning and sleeping in my own bed…but last night? More storms. And now we wait for our cable to come back! Forgive the tardiness of this post–I’m sending it from my phone (so forgive typos too?) Love to you all, I hope you are staying cool.


This week’s memory verse:

To download a copy of James 2:26-3:1.

Check previous Tuesday posts for prior verses.


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    So pleased you’ve been restored to the grid. We still have no telephone service. Verizon first had to get 911 back up; maybe now it can turn to customers who still can’t call 911 in an emergency.

    Have a lovely 4th!

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    It’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? Still patches w/o power here. Some lack water. We need the rain, but the thought of more storms is not a pleasant one.

    Sympathizing with your phone posting.

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    Laura, you’ve had quite a week and an experience! So glad your power is restored. Hope that all returns to normal soon. Praying for everyone affected by these horrific storms.

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