Playdates with God: Silver Lining

The twins come to the meadow this morning and I slip out in bare feet—tiptoe through the dew to join them for breakfast. Their mother used to come with them, but she is…gone, it seems. I forget my worry and the bone-tired heavy as I watch white tails flick and try to count their spots. When they look up at me with twitching ears their eyes are dark pools and I think how God is touching me with those eyes—loving me right here.
They say that every cloud has a silver lining and we are still in that place where just being together feels like cause for celebration. We go to the wound center every day to have Teddy’s wound tended and he gets better with each visit and life can almost be normal.
Influence is a spiritual matter, he says. That word, it comes from the Latin infuentia—meaning something that flows in and causes changes, usually a force that is imperceptible or hidden.
God is the ultimate influencer, he goes on to say. The job of a spiritual leader is to guide people to the place where God does his transforming work.
I’ve never thought of myself as a leader but I can be a pretty good guide. I can stand on the corner of my life and point to Him, describing story after story and great points of interest all the while.
I cannot forget how close He came to me when I was in need and I feel His inflow carrying me in its current—changing my direction…shifting me about. And it feels okay not to have all the answers—to trust in this soft pulling and surrender. 

Thank you for all the prayers, dear friends. I haven’t given up on visiting all of you–missing your words. Soon, I hope to get back to the normal. Love to you. 
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    I need to hop over to THC and read your review, but I’m already liking this idea of influencer. Just stand on my corner and point and tell story after story. Yep. I can do that.

    Continuing prayer as God brings you to mind–which he seems to do often. Hugs.

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    I do like this definition of influencer. Love the concept of guide and companion. The power of just coming along side someone on our journeys to God

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    I’m with Nancy on this one. Stand at the corner and point. Yes, I can do that.

    I can.

    Thank you for being such a beautiful, Godly influencer, Laura. Prayers for you and yours.

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    Prayers for endurance to the other side…and grace to continue to trust in His Love…the love that carries us in these pressing times. blessings~

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    Laura, you’ve challenged me, as always. I like your line “And it feels okay not to have all the answers—to trust in this soft pulling and surrender.” I’m not there yet! Thanks for sharing! Hugs to you and continued prayers. Love, Michelle

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    Such lovely “twins”. How great that you can get so close to them. Isn’t God great to put such wonders into our path to perk us up and give us pause for thanksgiving?

    Praying that your boy is soon better. Praising God that He gives you rest and restoration, even if it means simply tripping bare-footed through the dewy grass.

    Lova ya.

    kingfisher’s latest blog post.

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    Praying for you and your son. Thanks for these beautiful pictures too, Laura. There really is a silver lining, we just need to keep looking up. 🙂

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    Grace, peace, and strength to you, dear Laura, in our superadequate Lord Jesus.

    That “influencer” idea is so much more relational than “leader.” Perfect for our times.

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    Loving you. And those deer sightings. I’ve come to love them more. At the hospice house, they told us when they came, it usually meant something. Now I think of them kind of as angels–or some kind of God influence.. Praying swift healing for your sweet boy.

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    This is a common sight in Pennsylvania and one I miss even though I haven’t lived there for 36 years.

    Praying life will soon get back to normal for you.

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    Such beautiful, gentle surrender. All in. I am filled with His peace here, reminded of the hope and freedom in abandonment of struggle — and in picking up trust. Thank you. Praying now for continued peace and His overflowing love to continue to flood your heart.

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