Thirst: A Poem

And when the wind
            glances over the trees
the leaves drop
            their dew
and a million pearls
            of light
                        fall over me.
if I open my mouth;
            lift glistening face to sky–
                        let one roll under
                                    my tongue…
this thirst inside might be quenched.
but I press my lips
look straight ahead
            because I know
this sweet thirst is
            a silky thread
                        that pulls onward.
so I pass through a web
            of light and don
                        a dewy gown
illumined like the dawn…
                        I arrive thirsting.


  1. says

    Laura–I wrote about thirsting over this way today, too. But yours is so lovely. wow. It’s a joy to see how God’s given each such different, beautiful voices to share another view of the same thoughts.
    ‘Sacred echoes’….

  2. says

    Beautiful and mysterious. Thirst does draw us onward, doesn’t it? Thanks be to God for the promise that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled.

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