This is Living

When I told my husband this morning that I want to stay in my PJs all day today, I wasn’t kidding.

There have been too many interruptions of the quiet lately and I find I just want to sit at the kitchen table and watch my birds through the bay. I’m finishing up the sermon and it feels like worship as I sift through words and thumb thin pages.

Jeffrey has been running with me on the mornings that I don’t have to work. He is in earnest to grow and do good and his golden heart makes mine stronger. While these days seem to hurl by me in a blur, summer for him is a deep breath. I breathe deeper when he is with me.

I’m reading a new book for this work that I do and in the very beginning pages the author says this:  <

Where in your life do you say, “This is living!”? If you don’t have something in your life that regularly inspires adventure, risk, and passion, beware. Because if you don’t, you will seek the counterfeit.

Every Sunday feels like an adventure to me now. It’s like surfacing from a deep pool and watching the heavens open up before me. As much as I have loved the Lord and church and Bible study all my life, I am asking myself…why is this so different? And I know it’s because my faith is being stretched. And I’m depending on God in ways I never have before. And this is the good news: the possibilities for growing my faith this way are endless.

Where are you leaning on God these days?

Just wondering. Because it sure feels good to me.

Here are a few of my favorite things this week:

I made this pasta salad for dinner with my mom last night. This dill dressing is amazing. And the avocado? Sooo scrumptious.

My neighbor gave me this tip to squirrel-proof my bird feeders: slinky! If you use a shepherd’s hook to hold your feeder, simply thread the slinky over top and it secure it by looping one of the wires over the hook. I have a double shepherd’s hook, so I had to actually wind it around the pole—which sounds laborious, but it didn’t take much time at all. Also, I used a staple gun to secure the slinky to my wooden feeder that sits on a pole. It sure is fun watching the squirrel try to get past this one! So far so good…

See that little booger sitting down there? He can’t get up!!

Jeffrey and I made this for breakfast this week and it was so simple and delicious. I’ve pinned it on my Pinterest page too.

And I can’t wait to try this with some old wine bottles I have saved. They will make beautiful vases.

Here is my [un]framed picture of the week:

This poor little nest was blown down during the windstorm that left us all a bit worse-for-the-wear. Won’t you share some of the beauty you’ve caught this week? It sure has changed the way I see things. Join us over at the [un]framed Facebook page with your shots.
Sitting with my Sandy today. Love to you all. 


  1. says

    Given the heat we’re experiencing, I think your idea to stay in PJs all day is just right.

    I think I’ll try that pasta salad using the brown rice pasta I get at Trader Joe’s. The recipe is perfect for a summer meal. Thank you.

    Hugs to you.

  2. says

    I would be in cool pj’s too only we are having company tomorrow and today I cleaned many things that have been ignored for too long. Why does it take company to get one motivated to keep things organized? Now it is 92 outside and I am ready for a ‘cooling down’ time of refreshment.
    love your words they always give me reason to think deeper.

  3. Grammy says

    At a MG workshop this afternoon, Roberta shared the slinky idea. We will all try it. Glad all members of my family are having a good summer.

  4. says

    I love PJ-all-day days. Time for one soon, I think. And that pasta salad recipe? To die for. Gonna make it for a family reunion picnic next weekend. Hope tomorrow goes well – so glad you’re loving your life right now. Is your mom visiting?

  5. says

    PJ days are so good, we do them often and so glad you’re in a place of low hanging fruit in your life, experiencing the blessings of summer’s abundance. That slinky trick is awesome btw.

  6. says

    I love the way you have with words. “Every Sunday feels like an adventure to me now. It’s like surfacing from a deep pool and watching the heavens open up before me.” You’ve given me a new way to look at Sundays. Thank you!


  7. says

    Sounds like Jeffrey and you are making some special memories together…PJ day – great idea…blessings, Laura 🙂 thanks for making me smile as I read your post 🙂

  8. says

    Jammies days are the best!

    This sifting words and thumbing thin pages and running with a golden-hearted boy and stretching faith–I’m just going to sit a while with these thoughts. xo

  9. says

    Oh, how I would love to spend the day in my p.j.’s. If I stay in my p.j.’s until ten, my children think the sky is falling! If I could just spend one day outdoors without worrying about all that needs to be done inside, I would feel rested.

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