How to Cling to Summer

Summer dips low her golden strands behind the hills of our little valley home and we bid her stay—shine her light-filled face on us a wee bit longer. She leaves us slow like the sweet wilting of a cone filled with ice cream—like the way a smile spreads across his face.  It’s the way she moves slow that we will miss, but it’s not all sad, for she leaves us with a promise–we know she’ll come back around. So we pack up our summer things to spend one last slow day with summer.

So long summer, you gorgeous gal. I know we haven’t seen the last of you.

With my sweet friends Jen and Jennifer: 


  1. says

    gorgeous , gorgeous photos !

    And I find the last days of summer so bittersweet.
    I like the return to routine and everything,
    but fall can be winter too quickly sometimes and then it’s that long long wait until spring…
    I do love me summer. And spring.

  2. says

    Beautiful way to embrace it. I’m an all seasons but summer kind of person, so I appreciate seeing it treated in ways that increase my appreciation.

  3. says

    Just beautiful, Laura. Truly. Though I must say that summer’s leaving puts a smile on my face…except that she doesn’t turn to leave here for at least another month and even then, she works hard to sneak back in. If winter gets too long, you have an open invitation to visit me. =) xox

  4. says


    sparkling water, Coldstone ice cream, flip flops, a good pedicure, the kids … it may be the last weeks of summer, but I’m still savoring it all!

  5. says

    Gorgeous, the dog made me laugh aloud! I just said to my hubby last night it was getting darker earlier. He just shrugged his shoulder accepting the change in seasons; i go screaming, kicking and resisting the winter…..

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