Love. It’s What’s For Dinner.

When you get home late from work because you stopped to get a haircut that made you cry a little—the one the boys will term “the big bang theory”…
And when you know you won’t see your husband until the next morning because he has double band practices and will be gone before you get home and return after you are asleep…
And when he leaves a distraught message while you are getting that awful haircut and says your youngest son heard from the middle school today and that thing he has been looking forward to all summer won’t be happening for him this year—and, oh yeah, they haven’t eaten yet, do you mind?
When you are bone-weary with work and disappointment and you need to feed the kids fast, how to do it?
It’s ok to pull out some of those pre-made crusts—the ones he bought on sale—and have a pizza night.  
But why not do it in style?
When you need a little beauty, why not share it at the dinner table with two of your favorite boys?
Pick some flowers—just a few—and breathe deep while snipping. 
Spread that pre-made crust thick with homemade pesto and fresh-picked roma tomatoes.
Get out the good glasses and slice up a lime.
Use the cloth napkins. 
Hold hands and pray. 
Because, after all, those bangs will grow out. And hungry doesn’t wait on homemade. And everything tastes better with beauty on the table.  And when everything feels like it’s going all wrong–when we break the bread together…slow, deliberate…when we break the bread together, we see Jesus.


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    Oh, joy! To eat dinner with both of your boys, who, only days ago, where being held up in prayer!

    Thanks for the reminder… gotta go make another batch of pesto with the 2nd bag of basil that I forgot about until just now.

    Happy dinner.


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    What joy that those boys are hungry! (that sounds really weird, but I hope you know what I mean).

    Nothing like a meal together to lift spirits–and yes, show us Jesus.

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    Those photos are amazing. (I want to eat that pizza!) But I would’ve rather seen a photo of the bangs. I always regret bangs, too. But on a happy note: you’d be gorgeous even if you were bald.

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    What a joy you are Laura. I kept thinking I would have stopped for some take-out somewhere – fast! There is something so special about sharing a good meal together. You did good!!

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    Your posts always make me breathe deeply and slowly…they are such a balm (no matter what the topic!) to my soul. Thank you for sharing your gift of observation and writing with us.

    Oh, and that pizza looks amazing. It’s breakfast-time here and I still want a piece right now.

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