What Matters Most…

They do not even wait until I leave anymore. As soon as I reach the feeder with my old rusty coffee can, they come–perch in tree and bush, hover above my head–and wait. They watch as I fill the transparent tubes, scatter seed on ground for the thrush and occasional rabbit.

Sometimes they sing.

This morning, as I kneel over the can of seed, a song sparrow lights on the leggy forsythia bush. It is raining but I don’t care as I stop what I am doing and gaze up at his prehistoric form. He cocks his head to one side, as if to say, “On with it, lady!”

I smile and finish the task at hand, barely stepping away before he flits down onto the fragile sill of the seed trough.

I study him, fast at work, and remember my morning reading.
I am blessed to be guest posting over at Finding Heaven today. Won’t you join me for the rest of this story?


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    You’ve described my daily struggle with such aching truth that I have to re-read your whole post and just REST in it. Thanks for using your gifts, for sharing your wisdom. Abiding and dreaming- I think God created us for both, didn’t He? I’m just still trying to figure out how to be like that little sparrow.

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