Because Sometimes You Need a Story (and a giveaway!)

I keep forgetting to eat breakfast because it’s not on the to-do list and there have been crises at work and crises at home and I have only gotten to run three miles this week and it looks like the rain is trying to make up for the drought all over the country today.
Sometimes I need a good story.
Sometimes I need to curl up with a warm beverage and Lucy Mae and just forget all the craziness of the world for a while. It’s good therapy. Really.
My friend Laura wrote just such a story. Her story makes me think hard about who I am—about who I want to be. Here’s what I wrote about it over at Amazon:

She’s been challenged to write a novel by a twitter friend and she just might do it. Maybe. But she has to find that darn tea basket first.

Laura, the complicated main character of The Novelist, never leaves her house (unless you count her porch or her soiree into cyberspace) but she takes the reader into “the great unknown” (as she quotes James Scott Bell from his book Plot & Structure). A copywriter who also writes poetry, Laura is completely daunted by the task of novel writing. The reader is treated to her internal process which delightfully weaves together her troubled upbringing, a broken romance, her love of tea, and poetry…beautiful poetry.

Such a clever book that highlights some of the tried and true rules of writing fiction and then breaks them all. Wonderfully. Plus there is all that delicious name-dropping of poets and other writers.

If you’ve read L.L. Barkat before, you’ll recognize her deep and smart writing but might be surprised by her storytelling. But if you’ve read her poetry, you won’t be surprised by the sensuality in this compelling story.

A lovely portrait that does justice to the complexities of life and the human spirit.

Have you read it? The Novelist: A Novella? You really should. And because it has been such good therapy for me, I’d like to make it easier for you. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of this lovely story. For more than one chance, tweet or Facebook this giveaway and you’ll be entered another time for each. Leave your comment by Monday and I’ll announce the winner on my Playdates with God post.
Because sometimes you just need a good story.


  1. pam says

    I am always on the lookout for a good read, authors new to me. I had to take a quick breath after your opening run on sentence. I was actually thinking there was probably much more behind what you shared. A busy full life. Hope your abiding is sweet today! (abide: to remain stable or fixed in a state) To remain….sweet.

  2. Chelsea Maxwell says

    Once again, I love reading your posts. I’ve never heard of L.L. Barkat, but it sounds like an interesting book! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sharon O says

    the book sounds wonderful, if it is a real book, I don’t have a way to read an ‘online’ book. (or the patience) put my name in if it is a hands on type book :o)

  4. lindalouise says

    I find comfort in exactly the same way Laura, except I don’t have a Lucy Mae (sigh). Your review is amazing – oh how you write! I’ve been promising myself to read Laura’s book. I think I must.

  5. pastordt says

    Oh, yes – I’ll put my name in this hat. Lovely review, lovely lady. Thank you. Just heard Jeff Overstreet gave a great talk – it’s been so good and rich so far.

  6. says

    Isn’t Jeffrey great? Did he bring out Kermie again? 🙂 Love that Muppet love. I’m so glad for the riches you are gathering down in Texas, Diana. Hugs all around.
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  7. says

    Lucy Mae makes a good reading buddy. And she always listens to my rough drafts when I’m writing:). I think you would like this book, Linda. Maybe I can help with that 🙂 we shall see…
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  8. soulstops says

    you have a way with your book reviews…looks like I may have to clear my nightstand… thanks for thinking of us, Laura…hope you get a run in this weekend…still praying 🙂

  9. says

    That book sounds delightful! I agree that story is excellent therapy. My favorite recent fiction read is _Peace Like a River_ by Leif Enger. It replenished my hope and desire for a deep and vital prayer life.

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