Playdates with God: A Ribbon Around the Finger

So many swirling, spinning worlds press into my mind and thoughts and eek their way into a slippery reality—one that rests on things and circumstances and all that can be seen with earthly eyes. But when the lights dim and that first clear note rings out…I remember who I am.
It is the day before Jeff’s birthday and there has been so much darkness surrounding our steps lately and I pray. I pray for something new—something older than the earth—something alive. We wait for Charlie Hall to take the stage and when he does it is with little fanfare—no electric light show, no big band. Just Charlie and his drummer, Dustin. There are sound problems and Charlie keeps stroking his goatee and his voice is as pure and sweet as when I first heard it—six years ago when my man finally opened his eyes and saw Jesus standing right beside him. Charlie’s voice was one of the ones that led him deeper. This kind of music is the language that reaches his heart.
We sit, expectant—waiting—for the music that is also a prayer and when the name of Jesus fills the air in this room our hearts swell.
And we remember who we are.
We sit in the dim light and lift our hands and our voices but I still feel a question rising up to meet this praise.
And then Charlie tells a story about a season in his life—a season of unanswered prayer and discontent. I kept pressing into God, he says. Deeper, and still, He did not change the circumstances. But I kept going and what I realized is this: He saved us once but he continues to save us every day. We have to put the Gospel before our own lives…
And he sings the question away.
The moonless night gives way and there is light and worship and I remember. The cross is a lucent guide and I hold it out in front of my life—edge along its luminosity.
And when I trip along in darkness and the truth of who I am seems too hard to remember I will put myself in places to receive the light—keep seeking truth.
Music is one of those places for me. How do you remember?

**The winner of the Audry Assad cd is Dawn from Modern Day Disciple. Congratulations, Dawn! I’ll be in touch!

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    Music is powerful in my life…sometimes when I don’t have words…I let the music pray for me…I pray you day is lighter today…the grace will be found to walk in these moments. blessings to you~

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    Somehow I’ve paid less attention to the music lately. And it was once so central. I need to return to that listening, that hearing that helps me remember who I am.

    Thank you, Laura.

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    How do I remember who I am?

    There are lots of little things God uses to remind me. Anything from a piece of music, to a glorious sunset, to a child’s laughter.

    Sometimes just watching our dog fetch a stick or our horses gallop across the pasture.

    Quiet time in the woods is something I long for and seek out, though, when I find myself discontented, confused, or hurting. Somehow, it is often easier for me to hear and feel God in the solitude of tall trees.

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    Oh my goodness, we had the same thoughts in our posts. And you know what’s funny? You kept coming to mind as I was writing/praying. Seems we’re on a similar journey, different circumstances. Love you Laura.

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    This is my first time linking up this week, and I just wanted to say thank you for this community…it is really a beautiful space…

    I read a few of your posts and I love how music speaks to you so deeply and the way that you share it with your words in this space. Just lovely….

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    Isn’t it delightful and surprising that God in Jesus Christ uses so many venues, avenues, and “news” to touch us once and twice and always anew? So happy for your family that your husband found the Lord. What a difference that must be making in your lives.

    The Lord give you his perfect peace (undisturbedness) today, Laura. Blowing godly kisses your way.

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    No, sometimes He does not change our circumstances – rather, He wants to walk with us through our circumstances, to stand with us, to be with us. That is indeed a hard, dark place to be – but He never fails to light the way out!

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    music, being quiet before Him, going for a walk…and what Charlie said about leaning into Him, so true…I am learning the discontent is a gift when I allow it to cause me to seek Him more, and He leads me, eventually, to a place of deeper intimacy with Him…the path is steep and winding, but the closeness to Him is worth it…praying He continues to draw you close to Him, and may you know how much He delights in you, Laura…hugs to you 🙂

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    Love this call to remember who we are. I’m watching my older children find Jesus thru music moments lately and feeling grateful that sometimes just the right song speaks far more clearly than anything this mama could say. Your space here is always warm and beautiful. Thank you for writing faithfully and inspiring me EVERY TIME.

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    A broken bone is stronger after it heals. God is the One who restores all that He allows to be broken. (Joel 2) We’ve been emerging from a dark, dark season and have discovered parts of our lives, broken, strangled, worn out, limp, weak, hazy….things we didn’t even realize needed His restoration. He alone can do what we can’t even put words to, what we didn’t even see as a need, He breathes new life. I’ve been turning on music to fill the days, to water my heart. Joy to you Laura!

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    Thank you for this reminder to ‘press into God’. Even when things are going well and skies are blue, I need to remember where the storm cellar is in case a tornado comes.

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    Music, yes, and old books, the falling apart ones read over and over, and sunrise walks alone with Him.

    So much grace poured into that evening! Thank you for blessing us with the story.

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