Days of Wonder: The Way We Walk (and a giveaway!)

I’ve been thinking about the walking we do and how a person can walk through a life blind. There’s this book I’ve been reading and it’s called Walk With Me and it has me thinking about what I’m journeying toward. The byline says Pilgrim’s Progress for Married Couples and I can see how it is just that, but this book? It is so much more. It is at both times a mirror and a crystal ball.
Walk with me is the story of Celeste and Peter and their lifelong journey together to the King’s city. It’s a beautiful allegory about our faith journey and the things that can either hinder or help in this walk. Author Annie Wald uses sweet word pictures that place my heart in the story and gently encourage me to think of my own steps to the King’s city and reflect on my own marriage. There are the cords of commitment (the marriage vows), the moon of honey (honey moon), drinking from the chalice (intimacy with one’s spouse), the little travelers (the children), and so many sweet metaphors for the stuff of life. Along the journey there is the Low Country, the Swamp of Selfishness, the Orchard of Earthly Delights, and the River of Unfaithfulness. There are the Plains of Distance, the Bridge of Forgiveness, the Mountains of Maturity, and other geography of the heart that we all will encounter on this journey.
In the foreword, Eugene Peterson says, Parents preparing their children for marriage, Pastors preparing their parishioners for marriage, and married couples who need a “story” for their marriage will find this book a treasure.
I have to agree, but I also tend to think this lovely story would be valuable to anyone who seeks to maintain healthy earthly relationships while pursuing the Kingdom of God. There is such sage advice on what it takes to love others well—all Biblically based too. Annie Wald even includes a section on scripture references in the back of the book. It would make a lovely study with teens who seek to know what true love really means.
Not to mention the storytelling is superb.
So I’ve been thinking about the way I am walking to the King’s City. And the story of Peter and Celeste has made me more deliberate in my stepping. It’s a beautiful thing to see with the eyes of eternity. I’m catching just a glimpse between these pages and it is a sweet, sweet vision.
Moody Publishers so kindly provided me a complimentary copy of Annie’s book to share with you! One commenter will be chosen randomly to receive a copy of Walk with Me and announced on Monday’s Playdates with God post. As always, mentions on Facebook and Twitter earn extra entries in the drawing. I have to say—I love, love, love this book. And I think you will too. 
With Emily:

This is my day 18 of joining the 31 day-ers. They’ve ignited a fire and the flame of their passion is contagious. I know myself too well to say I’ll post every day…but I promise to try. If it sounds inviting to you and you don’t mind coming late to the party (like me), you can read more about the wave at The Nester’s place. She’s the hostess with the mostest.


  1. says

    always look for rich books about marriage because I have children the marrying age and I seem to land in the middle of a lot of marriages in trouble…I love just having a variety of books…not one book meets everyones need. Even if I don’t get the book…I might just have to check it out anyway. blessings and have a wonderful weekend. if I can figure out how to do the FB thing I will…still figuring this whole thing out:)

  2. Linda Chontos says

    It sounds lovely Laura. One of my favorite books is Hind’s Feet on High Places. It reminds me of that.
    Thank you for sharing so many rich gifts!

  3. says

    Yes! I’ve read Hind’s Feet in High Places and it has a similar tone. Annie’s writing is lovely. And so many important lessons. I found myself smiling and tearing up in places. You are entered, my friend!

  4. soulstops says

    oh, Laura, you did it again…making me want to clear space on my nightstand, and in my life, for another book…thanks for hosting 🙂 Will tweet so others can be encouraged to get this book…praying you had a restful weekend 🙂

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