Days of Wonder: When a Storm Surprises

We go to sleep with the world a shimmer—draped in the gloss of a wet sheen. There are pictures on the news of our friends in New York and New Jersey—water-logged. The snow already falls on the mountain peaks but here in the valley? They keep saying it’s “possible”. So we go to sleep with the hint of “possible” accumulation and I dream of trying on a new dress—of beauty in folded cloth.
So at 5:30 in the morning when the school calls to say there is a delay, I just roll over and reset the alarm. But when they call back at 6:51…I slide out of bed and peer through the curtain into the dim morning. And I see that the earth has tried on my dream—donned a new shift of thick white wool. The dressing falls down in heavy lace—a veil, I think—and a winter wedding is the mystery of heaven drifting down.
There is no school, so the boys sleep in and I go back to bed too—where his arms wrap warm around me and a fire is kindled with a sweet, slow burn. We are all here—safe and warm under one roof, and is there anything more wonderful to a mama’s heart?
After the big breakfast and late into the morning, I read Psalm 65: …Blessed are those you choose and bring near…we are filled with the good things of your house…where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy…
And I give thanks for good things and I pray for those caught in storms and I step out into this storm that surprises and look for the beauty of the wedding feast. 

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  1. pam says

    Beautiful images. I thought of you when I heard snow for WV. We kind of think about WV even more around since a college from there joined our Big 12 here in the Midwest. We are all slowly learning more about your state. The NYC devastation is beyond comprehension. Thankful you all have the pretty side of this horrible storm.

  2. Chelsea Maxwell says

    Another beautifully written post! I don’t like cold weather (I’m a Texan), but that sounds wonderful being inside with a fire cuddled up with the people you love most. Beautiful pictures too! Be blessed!

  3. Maureen says

    You are not so many miles from us but what a difference those miles make. Billy Coffey said it’s been snowing in Charlottesville but not sticking except in the mountains. Here, we’re waterlogged. It’s continued to rain all day but, fortunately, we don’t have the terrorizing winds of yesterday and last night. Temps are in the ’40s so I’m glad we have power; more than 100,000 still do not. Metro to resume service. My son’s in Brooklyn doing his best, given devastating conditions in NYC. The city’s suffered a lot in this storm, as have many other locations up and down the coast. My heart goes out to all.

    Lovely post, as always, Laura.

  4. says

    The snow is now more a slushy rain now, Maureen, though still there is a layer of ice under the accumulation. It is lovely but I just wasn’t expecting so much. My thoughts and prayers are still with those in NJ and NYC. So devastating to see the flooding in those places. Glad you are safe and dry 🙂

  5. says

    Oh, my goodness, Pam, don’t remind me how terrible WVU has been doing with the Texas teams. We got off to a good start but lately have been humiliated. We do have pretty snowfalls though 🙂

  6. says

    These are the times that warm my heart — I just love being stuck at home with a blanket, fire, and a house full of kids. Of course, I had to laugh out loud when I read this since we were RV camping (I kid you not) when the storm hit. So much for snuggling at home, but at least I got to live vicariously through your post.

  7. pastordt says

    Laura, there is simply no one I’ve found out here who does ‘this’ better than you do. Not exactly sure what ‘this’ is – I just know it when I see it. It’s a way of painting with words, of choosing just exactly the right word – not too fanciful, not too poetic (if there is such a thing – and I’m starting to thing there might be) – but just. exactly. right. It makes me sigh and breathe deeply and luxuriate. Perfection. Thank you.

  8. patsy says

    Thank God you and your family are all right. I have been watching CNN and the devastation is awful, what with the fire, the floods, the snow, the cold! But it’s good that the news highlights the heroes too and how kind and helpful people can be. There’s always beauty that can be found in the midst of ugliness as you have pointed out. Blessings!

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