Playdates With God: Giving Hope ( a wonder-full thing and a giveaway)

Our small group just started a new study together—a book about a man who lost 65 pounds and began to live what he calls Fully Alive for God. And then I pick up a book about a young girl who tried to starve herself to death and my heart breaks.
It’s a stark contrast, these two stories, and I try to wrap my mind around the mystery that is anorexia nervosa and all I can do is pray for those individuals and families who are ravaged by this illness. It seems a natural reaction, praying, and I am struck by this book I read—written by my friend and survivor of anorexia Emily Wierenga—I am struck by how heavy this book is soaked in prayer.

I honestly believe God is the only one who can truly bring healing to a disordered eater’s mind and heart. Knowing first-hand the spiritual battle that one engages in, the darkness of anorexia nervosa and the way it leads one into the shadows of death (making a young child want to die), I cannot explain it other than a spiritual attack…

The book, Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help a Loved One Battling an Eating Disorder, is unlike any self-help book I have ever read. Emily has included not only her own story, but those of her family and friends, professionals who work with Eating Disorders, and also specific prayers.
There is so much good to say about Emily’s brave and beautiful book—it’s a haunting story. The truth is, helping someone with an eating disorder is a long and arduous process. In Chasing Silhouettes, her voice rings with love and compassion and understanding. It’s an important story to tell.
If you know Emily from her blog, Imperfect Prose, you know what a compelling storyteller she is. You have seen the beauty of her heart in her art and in the way she loves her family. In Chasing Silhouettes you will see another side of her—the activist who longs to bring healing.
Chasing Silhouettescarries hope.
I’d like to help deliver that package. Leave a comment by Thursday 10/11 at 10 pm you will have a chance to win a copy of Emily’s book, Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help a Loved One Battling an Eating Disorder. Spread the news on twitter of Facebook for additional opportunities to win. 
We are giving away two books at The High Calling today too! Check that out here. 

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  1. says

    My maid of honor in my wedding struggled with this and then went on to be a therapist, helping others find healing. Thanks for your review, you do those so well that I’ve bought several of the books.

  2. says

    Emily never fails to move me with her stories, her life. I’m sure the book is as amazing as she is. Thanks for the opportunity to win it, Laura.

    I’m concurrently reading “Do the Work” and “A Woman’s Right to Rest”. 🙂 So I decided I best throw in reading “Grace” at the same time. I love God’s sense of play.

  3. Sharon O says

    Waiting for my own copy to come to me if I won another I would give it away to a very special person. Emily deserves all the ‘good words’ we can give her. Powerful testimony of God’s healing touch.

  4. says

    31 days of wide-eyed wonder – sounds good!

    Emily is so brave to share her story and her family’s with the world. Thank you for sharing this bit of her with us.

  5. says

    It’s been wonderful to see how her book is flying off of Amazon’s digital shelves. For so long, there has been nothing out there that was actually helpful. Years ago, I wanted to write a book like that, but I don’t have her style. I think the world has been waiting for this.

  6. Alicia@the Overflow says

    I love Emily’s courage and her heart. Her book is going to spread hope to so many. As a woman who once did 20 sit ups for every french fry I ate, I understand how food can get twisted into a stronghold and steal our joy. So glad for a God who heals and a woman like Emily who is willing to take the hand of those who long for hope and just walk that road with them. Blessings to you, too, dear friend

  7. says

    When my husband was working on his Ph.D., he worked for six months on an ED unit. I talked to him some about his experience and the trout process you mention here is so prevalent. This world needs this book.

  8. says

    Your “style” is altogether different, Megan, but no less impactful. I don’t think there can be enough resources out there to help families deal with this issue. It’s such a hard illness to manage and treat. I wonder if you’ll ever tell your story? I’d love to hear…

  9. says

    Yes, brave is the word that keeps coming to mind for me too, C. I can’t imagine how emotionally exhausting it must have been to tell this story. This book is covered in prayer.

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