Playdates with God: Outrageous Hospitality

I am a travel worn pilgrim this morning, glad for the way Love follows me wherever I go—glad for the way home rushes out to meet me in the hearts of others. This mystery of place—and how God lives in each one of us—this has been very near to me these past few days. We talked a lot about outrageous hospitality at Laity Lodge this weekend but mostly we experienced it. It made me think of this community here—how we lay a table for each other…how we put out the welcome mat. In this world of platforms and self-promotion and searching…today I am found in the knowledge of how precious each one of us is in the eyes of God.
You are precious to me too.
Our speaker was a New Testament scholar and he talked about the cruciform life—how we can become more Christlike.  This is what I want—to be in God for the world. I’m still figuring that out. Probably will be until the day I breathe my last.
When the wind blows through the canyon at Laity, it feels like the hand of God. He uses the shushing of dancing limbs and leaves and the rippling of water to touch hidden places. My friend David told me he spent one evening flat on his back on the boat dock—looking up at the sky. I saw three falling stars in a row, he said. Some of us walked together under that night sky and we were part of it—shining. That Texas canyon is a thin place—our special place. But mostly because of the people we find there.
I’m home now and feeling treasured and loved. And finding words a bit empty. 

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Here is where I had my quiet time.

Jennifer Lee, Kelly Sauer, and Dan “the Dude” King. I love these people.

Here’s The High Calling team visiting the under construction Family Camp. And you thought we were just fans of The Village People :).

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  1. says

    Being pretty new to the blog world I had never heard of the Laity Lodge until you and Jennifer and some others share of your time there…what a wonderful gift this place is…and I would have loved to hear about the cruciform life…oh yes indeed~ blessings as you process all you soaked in~

  2. says

    Yes. I love this, Laura. You picked the just-right words. It is the canyon, yes, but it is so much about the people. I want to carry that outrageous hospitality into all areas of my life. It is an “other-referenced” way of living.

    Of note: Last night, on the way home, I sketched out a post that I’ll write later this week, or maybe today, and I wrote about stars, too. 🙂

  3. Maureen says

    What great photos. Love the chair image, and Kelly in the middle of that canoe makes me smile. A beautiful community you all make.

  4. messymarriage says

    Isn’t it great that there are times and places like Laity Lodge where you can soak of all of what God so desperately wants to shower on you? I’m so glad you shared His message with all of us, Laura. I needed it today, my friend! BTW, you are precious to me too. 🙂

  5. says

    So glad your heart is full Laura. I too needed time to let all of it settle after I returned from the writers retreat. That place brings me to a thin place with God too. And I actually used that term in my post today. Love all the sacred echoes.

  6. Elizabeth says

    Thank you for this community and its lovely welcome mat. As I step across the threshold here, I find peace. Always everytime. And it feel for all the world like the body of Christ is gathered in this place, on Monday. At the wellspring. Love to you and me your re-entry be filled with peace and understanding.

  7. says

    It was sooo good to be with everyone. Honestly, when we come together like that, it feels as close to heaven as I can imagine.

    And I especially like the picture of the rocking chair!

  8. says

    “glad for the way Love follows me wherever I go”

    Yes, yes, yes. That blessing is immeasurable. I spent the weekend in Auburn with my youngest and Love was ever-present.

    “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”
    Psalm 23:6

  9. says

    This place looks gorgeous.. but even more beautiful is the way God gathered so many there who share His heart. I love “retreats” like that! And how DO YOU capture moments so beautifully with your words. Inspiring as always, friend. Happy Monday!

  10. says

    You are treasured and loved, and the hand of God everywhere present within that canyon. I smiled often, thinking of you all there, and was with you in spirit, wishing I could have been loving on each of you there in the flesh.

  11. Linda Chontos says

    It is, indeed, a uniquely lovely place Laura. I’m so glad you had that time with such precious friends.

    I wonder if perhaps we process these things all our lives and they look just a little different in every season.

  12. soulstops says

    Smiles…so happy you made it safely there and back, and your soul was refreshed…thank you for how you always welcome with your words and your photos…appreciate you, Laura 🙂

  13. kingfisher says

    So glad you got to fellowship with others and soak up the quietness at Laity Lodge. May God help you transition gracefully back into daily living, while still remembering the lessons learned and the joys gained by your attending. Love ya!

  14. says

    Oh, wow, friends flat on their back for hours, looking up at the stars. . .the stillness of a rocking chair, the coming together on the water. . . Just beautiful. Thank you for your words and images shared here, with such love, Laura.

  15. paty says

    What a wonderful experience! I love it when our community goes on retreat and we are able to fellowship with brothers and sisters, and just focus on God’s word!

  16. pastordt says

    Sigh. I am so glad you had this time, this space, these people. May the blessings you experienced just filter right down into every cell, strengthening and encouraging you right through the rest of this year and beyond. Thanks for this loveliness.

  17. Marilyn says

    I, too, am fascinated by this “mystery of place,” how we set the table for each other, how God is in us and …present in all places. Beautiful, Laura!

  18. Pam says

    Laura, I think you left me a comment at my blog… but wordpress keeps putting you in the spam bucket by mistake and when I approved it, it disappeared. 🙁 If you have a chance to try again, I’d love to know what it said… Thanks! Pam, apples of gold

    Thanks too for sharing about your time at Laity… beautiful words as always.

  19. says

    I treasure our time together, Laura. What a sweet time we shared, laughing and chatting. Thank you for playing such a key part in my memories of that trip. God used you in my life as He breathed life back into me following months of draining challenges at home.

  20. says

    It was such a sweet time, Ann. I’m so grateful for the way God worked things out. Those long talks into the wee hours of morning…precious. I’m glad your spirit found some rest. Love to you, lady.

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