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This morning we sit in the waiting room and pray while our boy has his second surgery this year. Nothing quite so serious this time and not nearly as scary but I sit and finger the scarf Monica made for me and try not to worry while we wait. Christmas keeps coming to me in fits and spurts this year and this ebb and flow is teaching me what peace like a river really must mean.
When you wear it, consider it a hug from me…
This is what Monica says in the letter she sent along with this beautiful scarf, and since I know I will need a hug while waiting…I take Monica’s along with me.
On the way to the hospital in the dim of pre-dawn, the earth rose up to meet the sky and they mingled in the dimpled places and above the hills and we drove through the milk of it. Everyone keeps saying we won’t have a white Christmas this year but there we were driving through a muted world—all awash with white.
When one’s brow is thick with worry it’s hard to see how light makes shine on the clinging droplets and the whole world is dusted in glitter.
My heart wants to pause and linger by the tree; listen to soft music and get lost in the twinkle of lights. But there are other things this year. These things feel tender…fragile—if not handled carefully, something that matters tremendously might be broken.
So we move softly through the days and cherish the flow—wait expectantly for its swift running during the ebb. And as I gently tuck a lock of his thick red hair behind his ear—watch a heavy pain-soaked tear rivulet down his cheek—
I give thanks that these hard things bring glimpses of Jesus too.


    • says

      We are doing well, Megan. Thank you for thinking of us…we’ll find out soon if the surgery was successful so more prayers, please? Thinking of you as this old year trails away…good riddance, I say :)–except for the good parts, of course. May the new year find new and wonderful things born in you, my friend.

  1. Chelle says

    Laura, praying for your son and the entire family. I know (and you do too, despite it all) that all we need to do is stop worrying and prepare to rejoice, because God’s got it.
    I’m standing by to dance the victory….

  2. Linda says

    Laura – your words, ,even the sad, difficult ones, always give me a sense of peace. Praying he recovers quickly and all is well. I send you much love and wishes for a blessed Christmas

  3. Hazel Moon says

    Other things to think about and pray about – – – when we should be celebrating Christmas! May your precious boy recover soon, and may God comfort you as we attach ourselves to the beautiful hugging scarf!

  4. Pam says

    So sorry for your going through this right now. Hard to have surgery around Christmas (or any time, really), I know. But I can hear in your words that he is holding you close. Beauty in your descriptive words as always. And in that lovely scarf! Hugs to you…

  5. soulstops says

    oh, so sorry that you and your boy are having to go through this again…glad Monica made you a lovely hug-able scarf…praying right now for you and your family…praying God holds you all in His tender embrace…hugs to you, Laura 🙂 pls let us know how it goes…whenever you can…no rush

  6. Anonymous says

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  7. bluecottonmemory says

    When our children hurt – it takes the very breath right out of us! Praying for strength, healing – that His comfort wrap around you, that His Holy Spirit go deep into your son, healing him. Praying His joy, His contentment seep into each of you this Holy Season!

  8. pastordt says

    So, so glad you had a hug to carry with you, dear Laura. I’ve been away from this space out here for several days of family Christmas and momentous decision-making with my mom. Trying to play a little catch-up as I sit in a tired heap this afternoon. Trusting all went well for your boy and that you are all resting this day after the Big Push which Christmas has become…

    • says

      I’m just catching up on some visiting too, Ann. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. This time of year always makes me get your Not So Fast book back out. I need those reminders to savor the season.

  9. SimplyDarlene says

    Oh miss Laura, I’m tardy here too. Hope everything went well and the recovery is going good. And that Monica is a comfort-giver indeed.


  10. elaine @ peace for the journey says

    For those whose hearts are attuned with the Sacred, hard things always bring glimpses of Jesus. How I’ve seen him this year! Praying God’s immeasurable peace and tender mercies as you step these final days of 2012! Love you, sister.

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