Season’s Delights: Christmas Parade

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of people and light-
frocked streets;
the day is crowned
a star—he marches
with his drum
and shines.

chins and jutting 
shoulders line up 
like empty pews 
draped with tinsel 
behind wagons, 
antique cars and tractors. 

 these tottering ruins–
 a faint rubbing of 
 the shrine of old: 
Main Street with 
gleaming shop 
windows that mirror 
shining faces. 


Is there a Christmas parade in your little town? If so…shouldn’t you? It’s joy marching down the street…


  1. kingfisher says

    A Christmas parade! What fun! (We’d have to have it in a downpour if it was now or in the past 3 weeks. The rivers are over their banks, much flooding in the valleys, and it’s still raining.)

    Izzat Teddy out in front with a drum, by chance?

    “with gleaming shop windows that mirror shining faces.” I like this.

    Love ya, Marilee

  2. soulstops says

    what a lovely tradition…we don’t have anything like that in Silicon Valley that I know of…your son and his drum 🙂 which one is he?

  3. says

    Oh, I love Christmas parades! We welcome SinterKlaus to our town right after Thanksgiving- he cruises down our cobblestone streets in his big blue wooden boat- and my kids always wonder how that big ship moves without water. Small town traditions are my favorite kind! Beautiful poem, by the way, dear friend.

  4. says

    SinterKlaus! How fun, Alicia :). Santa always comes last in our parade, waving and tossing candy for the kids. It makes me happy to see our little community all gathered up this way. Just one of the season’s delights. Sent from my iPad

  5. says

    Oh, no! So December is coming in soggy, huh? We have had unseasonably warm temperatures here, an I won’t complain about that! Actually, Marilee, Jeffrey is our little drummer boy. I don’t think you. Can see him in this photo though. He was tucked behind some taller kids. He usually plays the snare when marching. A good reason for this mama to go see the parade!
    Sent from my iPad

  6. says

    Yes, I love this about our small community. It doesn’t take much to command a parade around here 🙂 Christmas is one of the best. We have all sorts of interesting floats, from local businesses to scout troops to youth groups. It’s pretty special. Jeffrey is tucked behind dome other marchers in this photo so you can’t really see him. He was marching so fast I had a hard time getting a good shot. I hope your Christmas season has been sweet so far, Dolly.

  7. amyscanderson says

    What delight. These pictures and words are perfectly festive. I don’t know of a Christmas parade here. Hmm, I need to check.

  8. patsy says

    Hi Laura, I love parades! Unfortunately our streets in the city are full of traffic! Yesterday, on our way to visit my in-laws, we got stuck in traffic for an interminably loooong time because of a parade that we never saw!

    You won my weekly ATC Giveaway for the comment you left in my blog. Could you send me your address (again) so i don’t have to search for it in my gmail? patsy.paterno (at)

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