Dear Kimberley…

Karen, Deidra, and Kimberley. A whole lotta awesomeness right there 🙂

Dear Kimberley,
When I volunteered to introduce you in your workshop at the Jumping Tandem Retreat, I told Helenbut I don’t know Kimberley. If someone who knows her would like to introduce her, I would certainly understand.
You later told me you are not a blogger—and you have a Facebook page for your company but this whole online obsession is foreign soil for you. I didn’t know you were stepping into a world you weren’t familiar with. All these women who spend their days with screens and words and entering into a space that has no walls; did you have any idea what kind of crazy-beautiful you would find in Nebraska? I’m so glad for your courage.
So I looked you up on the web, read about your company Created for Greatness and about your passion to awaken people to their divinely purposed greatness–how you help your clients to become their best self.
I want to be my best self, I thought.
But then I got up at 3 am to catch that 5:30 flight and when it was delayed and I missed my connection and I had to be re-routed onto another airline so that I would miss the entire first day of the retreat…I texted Deidra.
My flight has been cancelled, I said. I can’t get to Nebraska until around 11pm. Is that ok?
That works, she replied. Are you coming through Atlanta?
Yes, said I.
You will be on the same flight as Kimberley Lewis, she said.
And I smiled. Because I knew God was up to something.
So in Atlanta, I watched for you.
I sat at the gate and saw you approach. Only, you didn’t stop to join our ragtag group of weary travelers. I saw you take it all in and turn right around and walk briskly away on long legs. When you came back, you had a snack and beverage. And you assessed the waiting once again and walked right on by. You had things to do, stuff to see.
This woman, I thought, does not wait for things to happen. She makes things happen.
And when I was finally able to introduce myself to you, I could see by your calm confidence that I was right. Such grace in your smile, a lively curiosity in your conversation.
What a gift to meet you. How clever God is for arranging it in such a way.
Your workshop was one of the highlights of the retreat for me. And even though I forgot to pray over you at first, introducing you was a tremendous joy. Your energy is contagious, your passion a fire. You talked about pursuing a dream and how—by ourselves—we are not enough. You taught from a book that greatly impacted me last summer. And once again, a sleeping dream was awakened.
Thank you, Kimberley.
Have I said what a delight it was to meet you? I hope we are friends for a long, long time.

*A big thank you to the beautiful Diane Bailey for allowing me to use this lovely photo from the Jumping Tandem Retreat!

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  1. Diane Bailey says

    I didn’t get to have a conversation with Kimbereley until we were riding to the airport together. She IS quite an amazing woman.

  2. says

    I love this. And I love how God works–even in, and especially in, airport waiting areas. And I love how we got to hang with Kimberley after the retreat. I hadn’t gotten to meet or talk to her before that.

    Oh, and I love you.

  3. Jody Collins says

    Laura, thanks again, for introducing us to some of the retreat people–almost (!) as if we were there ourselves. ‘The Creative Call’ by Janice Elsheimer keeps coming up. I gotta find that book!

  4. says

    Kimberly’s session was one that left a HUGE impact on my life. I am so excited that you guys were able to connect in the airport. She is definitely a woman of purpose, and definitely didn’t seem out of her element at all. I called her a preacher of truth when I described our time together. Thank you for sharing what she means to you. I am blessed to know you too Laura!

  5. Diane Bailey says

    Yes, and beautiful. I have a picture of her if you would like it. Just send me your email address. ~Di

  6. says

    I love those God-moments!! Thanks for sharing. I agree with Jody – keep those retreat posts and intros coming so we can share virtually 🙂 Hugs to you.

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