Playdates with God: Rain

No rain falls that I do not at once hear in the sound of the falling water an invitation to come to the wedding. It is rare that I do not answer. A walk in an evening rain in any setting is to walk in the midst of God’s loving attention to his earth, and, like a baptism, is no simple washing, but a communication of life. When you hurry in out of the rain, I hurry out into it, for it is a sign that all is well, that God loves, that good is to follow. If suffering a doubt, I find myself looking to rain as a good omen. And in rain, I always hear singing, wordless chant rising and falling.

In the early morning hours while the house still sleeps…the sky opens. I hear the steady beating of a million glossy beads falling on the roof and I smile in my half-sleep. It is our secret love language and each drop—a kiss falling from heaven. I drift and dream of bluebirds perching on the fence–those shy, welcome visitors.

When the time for waking comes, each blade of grass reflects a blue sky on its tip–our early-morning tryst only a memory. The robins scurry to-and-fro—splashing in the rain-soaked earth. I drive Jeffrey to the high school on diamond encrusted streets. It’s step-up day and this morning he and the other eighth-graders will visit the freshman classrooms they will populate next year.

“I’m nervous,” he tells me, as we troll down the rain-washed valley road.

“What we need is a theme song,” I say. And I put in one of the cds he and his brother gave me for Mother’s Day and cue up number seven. We sing the song loud together and he makes dance moves with his arms. We pray on the way down the hill like we always do and he hops out in front of the school with a spring in his step. I watch as another boy hurries up beside him and they walk into that big building together.

“Take care of him today, Lord,” I whisper as I pull back out onto the wet street.

It’s been a busy few days, with lots of meetings and gatherings and end-of-school hoopla and I am tired. I haven’t had the time to pause and look around. But now?  I do. Suddenly, the quiet surrounding me speaks beauty and possibility and I feel the reassuring hand of love.

The air settles in misty ribbons, weaving a white cloak over the hills that surround my valley—soft like the breath of God. And the streets glisten, winking in the early morning light.

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  1. kendalprivette says

    we have boys the same age! i pray that prayer over him….take care of him today. do you have an older? we do, so jack is a little less nervous about moving up – he’s been in the HS numerous times. now, to live into his own person and legacy, and not just be hank’s brother….

  2. OutnumberedMom says

    Oh, those whispered prayers for our kids! Mine are definitely older than yours…I prayed those while they were growing up and still do today. And He always listens. Love that.

  3. says

    They grow up so fast, don’t they, Laura? I pray your boys are doing well. Still pray for yours from time-to-time. Mammas need to pray for each other, don’t we?

  4. Sharon O says

    I so love the coolness of rain, the refreshment that comes after the washing. In Oregon one must enjoy it or it could become an enemy, of ones soul.
    I personally love it.

  5. Kimberly Green says

    I agree that it is much easier to take on the world with my Lord, my man, and a THEMESONG!

  6. Megan Willome says

    As long as rain doesn’t bring hail along with it, I love it. Of course, where I live, gentle rains are rare. Thunderstorms are the norm.

  7. says

    Living in a drought-ridden part of the USA, I felt the rain in this beautiful way just two days ago. We had a fine cloudburst. Such refreshment for me, the trees, the Mockingbirds and Starlings in the pool at the end of the alley. You, though, gave it all words. Praising God for you, the rain, and His gift. The quote at the beginning is so fine too! Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  8. bluecottonmemory says

    Just beautiful, Laura, from beginning to end – each rain drop, to the car dance to letting go – My guy, he’s going to high school this year, but we’re sending him to a Christian high school for a couple of years, to get the math foundation (teach foundational principles not to math tests) – and classical literature – and so much other stuff. He’s torn – he so wants that education but he wants to play soccer and be with his other friends – but for now, we all need this. Much change – I wish it didn’t have to be so hard:)

  9. JViola79 says

    Beautiful post! This brought back such fond memories for me of driving my own to school. I always called our van, The Sanctuary. It was in there that the kids knew they were safe & they could talk about anything. I always had a worship CD going & prayed that their minds would be filled with Him when they got out at the curb. Car pooling truly can be so much more than a ride 🙂


  10. Mia says

    Dear Laura
    Yes, there are so many special moments that we hear our Pappa’s voice if will just become still and listen! My house have a flat roof and I also love the sound of rain running like small feet with little right into my heart! It is like a whisper of our Lord telling me He loves me!
    Much love XX

  11. Alicia Bruxvoort says

    Oh, Laura, rain is falling lightly outside of my window right now and I’m savoring your words. My firstborn just finished his 8th grade year on Friday, and as he walked to the van all lanky and happy, I felt my stomach flip flop in the jr. hi parking lot. Don’t know how I can have a high schooler already, but I love the way God is growing him and I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for my boy in the next four years. I love how you picked a theme song for the special day.

  12. SimplyDarlene says

    I didn’t realize it’s been over a week since I’ve been here… I’m a little on the introverted side these dazy days.

    Thanks for this beauty and song and encouragement.


  13. says

    I love Matt Maher’s music. “Love will hold us together” – yes! A great pick for your son’s theme song. Praying he enjoys his summer with sweet anticipation of the fall instead of fear. You’re a good mama, Laura!

  14. Nancy Sturm says

    Laura, this is so beautiful and inspires such peace. I, too, love the rain. From the looks of my patio I missed some last night! Thanks for such a lovely post.


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