Rooted: Loyalty to a Way of Life

My mother’s father was a coal miner—a hard-drinking man with rough hands who laughed easily and loved children. Mining was hard work, and sometimes dangerous, but it paid a fair wage. That was something a man with little education and a growing family in rural West Virginia could appreciate. His daddy farmed to feed his family; now that same land would give provision in a different way.

For my grandfather, this land where I now live was about more than making a living. It was a way of life. A way of life that has been slowly seeping away.

I’m writing over at The High Calling today. Will you join me over there?


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    This is so real for me. I don’t have the “land” for we were a Navy family, but I have the heritage of my Daddy and a farm in Kansas that was his father’s, a grandfather in Chicago as a brick mason taught by his father who came to this country from Italy. The connection with these special people in our lives brings the roots to life. Thanks for taking me back to a time and to special people I like remembering. Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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