The Invitation: a poem

I went for a walk and arrived at a stone bench. Someone had left a message for me.
two stones
on the corner of
the bench; one,
smooth, round.
the other, dark
with sharp edges.
a walking stick—
knobby and skinned
of bark, leaned
against the rounded
lip of the seat.
an invitation.


  1. says

    the round stone – me on a good day.
    the sharp edged one – me, on “other” days.
    the walking stick – My Comforter, stripped, leaning against the round of earth.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Laura lovely so very lovely. Could not be more beautiful in its sheer simplicity. Thank you for sharing.

  3. bluecottonmemory says

    I used to look for big things that contained his messages – but He says so much to us in the little things:) Simply beautiful!

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