When You Don’t Know Where to Start

The kids are off to school and the coffee’s gone cold. There is a load of laundry churning in the washer, the bird feeders are filled, Lucy Mae is fed. I’ve swept the kitchen floor and picked a basket of tomatoes from the garden. The calendar looms large with its list of deadlines and all the words I need are frozen on the tips of these fingers. 
Some days the to-do list is so heavy I just can’t lift it. Too many things call my name and I don’t know where to start. 
So I light the candle. I pause to listen. And when I can’t find the words I read slow from this book—sit still with the anxiety. And let the ancient words soothe. There is no magic between those pages, but power is there. It’s the power of a conversation that has been going on since the beginning of time, the power of a living, breathing love. 
And it is the best place to begin.


  1. Kelly Greer says

    Today this is all I need. So much whirling chaos in the world the Syrias and the Cyrus’s, the Kings and the marches, the senseless acts and heroic ones. It is more than one person can take in. My mind is full and my heart is racing. I cannot read another commentary on this modern day life. It is too much. Yes, it is too heavy to lift.. So in my home (like yours) filled with baskets of tomatoes and peppers that long to be transformed and a calendar that has yet to penciled in (yes putting the things on the calendar before they escape my overflowing mind)…I am with you. Let me escape to the only place where I can be filled with words and stories that make my steps light and my heart pace at a beat that murmurs peace, love, joy, and rest. Nothing else will do. His word is the only place that can give me what I need today. Thank you Laura for this truth today.

  2. Nancy Sturm says

    And it’s really as simple as that, isn’t it? I love these lines: “the ancient words soothe” and “the power of a living, breathing love.” Beautiful reminder.

  3. says

    It’s late in the evening and i’m thinking of all that needs to be done in the next three days- and this little gem drops into my email- Thanks so much for reminding me to get myself centered and focused just by being still and listening to His voice.

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