Pep Rally

It’s homecoming weekend in our little valley and the excitement spills out into the streets in parade tonight. My little drummer boy forgot his marching shoes this morning so I’ve already been by the school to drop off his “blacks.” Inside, the office staff were dressed in school colors and sported the face paint. The halls buzzed with the low murmurs of anticipation. There’s a pep rally this afternoon to rev things up for the big game tonight and—in the meantime— team spirit colors the halls.
Remember pep rallies? The entire school crowds into the gymnasium chanting the words of cheers led by rabble-rousing cheerleaders. There might be music and special words from leaders before the individual members of the football team burst through a doorway made of paper. Someone calls out each name enthusiastically—from the quarterback to the benchwarmer. Each one is recognized to loud applause.
Sometimes I wish life held more pep rallies. Can you imagine?
“And here comes Laura Boggess! She did five loads of laundry yesterday, mopped the kitchen floor, and still managed to edit an article for that second job! Give her a hand everyone!”
I’m teasing, of course, but do you ever have those days when everything you do doesn’t seem to pile up to a hill of beans by the world’s standards? Everyone around you seems to be getting their name called, and there you are…picking up the dog’s doodoo from the neighbor’s yard. You’re sitting in the bleachers of life, cheering for everyone else, but some days, you’d just rather skip the pep rally and go home early. You’re tired of cheering for the big players.
I think this must be how Hagar felt when she ran away from Sarai into the desert. Mistreated. Overlooked. She knew she would never be the mistress. Always destined to be a servant-girl. 
But there, in the middle of the wilderness, the angel of the Lord called to her—called her by name. (Genesis 16:8). And Hagar said, “You are the God who sees me. I have now seen the One who sees me.”
I wonder what kind of pep rallies go on in heaven that we do not see? Maybe the angels all line up and chant our names, reciting cheers they’ve designed especially for our life. It might feel like these little things we do every day don’t matter—they are just the overlooked minutiae of life. But these little things? They are the things that keep the world spinning. 
And there is One who sees. One who calls each name. Enthusiastically. 
Let’s have some fun. If there is a particular cheer that would encourage you today, what would it be? Can you hear the heavenlies chanting those words right now? Can you hear your name being called?


  1. Megan Willome says

    I went to my first high school pep rally this morning since I was in high school. I went to see my daughter dance. I really missed my son, seeing all his cross-country friends honored for their accomplishments this past Saturday. I need a cheering section right now (and I do have one, scattered across the country). The boo’s are really getting me down, especially since they are from people I love.

    P.S. Your part about five loads of laundry and the second job made me laugh out loud.

  2. pastordt says

    Oooh, I do love me a pep rally! Today has been one of those days when I haven’t gotten much accomplished – but you know what? I’m increasingly okay with that! So my imagined cheer would be on the quiet side: “Hip, hip for the old hipster. She slept in, read her email, took a shower, ate lunch, sorted a closet and wrote a blog post about her mom and poetry writing. Let’s give her some polite applause!!”

  3. says

    I love it, Diana! Woot! I’m cheering you on from the sidelines :). Our parade was fun, and it was just what my heavy heart needed. We all need a pep rally once in a while, don’t we?

  4. says

    I’m sorry for the boos, Megan (what’s the matter with people, anyway?), and for that lonely ache of the missing. I am chanting your name up here in WV, and I know the heavens are too. Sometimes, I wish those voices would penetrate that thin barrier…maybe they have? Have you heard them? It’s raining here today. A steady downpour (which will make our all-day band competition a drag). I think each heavy drop–for me–carries the voice of God. Love to you, beautiful friend.

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